Best Richmond-Based Sports Radio Host or TV Sports Reporter

Greg Burton, ESPN 950-AM

Second Place: Wes McElroy, Sports Radio 910-AM

Third Place: Big Al Coleman, ESPN 950-AM

A former sports reporter at WTVR-TV 6, Greg Burton isn’t your typical afternoon sports talk-show host. He doesn’t just regurgitate the latest sports news outrage on ESPN, he likes to delve into the iconic sports stories. Burton spends time with his guests, be it Gene Wojciechowski and his book, “The Last Great Game: Duke vs. Kentucky,” or Randolph Childress, the former Wake Forest guard who lit up the ACC tournament 17 years ago. He also covers basketball games for the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University, where he works as an adjunct professor. Burton, who once won an Edward R. Murrow Award for sports reporting, finds deeper meaning in the games of the day. And it seems like radio wins out over TV in this category — Wes McElroy and Big Al Coleman also have the attention of your ears.


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