Unsung Heroes: Meet the Restaurants Flying Under Richmond’s Food Radar

Sometimes you have to wonder why a spot you love doesn’t get more attention. “For every national media mention of the latest Richmond sensation, there are dozens of neighborhood restaurants every bit as worthy of your occasional dining dollar,” reviewer Karen Newton says. “In casting the movie version of #RVAdine, keep in mind that not everyone can play the lead, while good character actors are not only plentiful, but often memorable.” Here are some of the places that deserve to share the spotlight.

Curry Craft Indian Restaurant & Bar: Americans too often think of international food as the domain of cheap eats, regardless of how complex the cooking traditions and processes are. Curry Craft consistently elevates Indian cuisine out of its all-too-common relegation to an inexpensive lunch buffet and offers playful takes on classic dishes. It rarely gets the recognition it deserves for the quality, consistency and innovation that it offers to the Richmond dining scene. currycraft.com. — M.F.

Fresca on Addison: I love the feel of accessible dining that’s affordable and delicious and healthy. It does such a good job with this. It’s vegetarian, sure, but I’d recommend it to anyone. frescaonaddison.com. — R.M.

821 Café: For me, my favorite neighborhood unsung hero is 821 Café, where the vibe is lively, the food is solid and no matter the day, I can get breakfast, lunch or dinner with a smile, a reasonable price and a killer soundtrack. 821caferva.com. — K.N.

The Mill on MacArthur: Every North Side friend I have tells me the Mill is their go-to when they want to eat out and not go far. Why? Because the food is fresh, it’s open daily and options swing from grilled cheese to grilled prime rib. themillrva.com. — K.N.


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