Top 40 Under 40

Inspiring young leaders who bring Richmond to life.

This is what you might call a feel-good issue.

First off, people usually feel good when they win awards — especially when they’re deserved. And in this issue, we pick from hundreds of nominations, plus a few of our own suggestions, 40 local people younger than 40 who impressed us in some way with their focus, determination and hard work for the betterment of Richmond, whether through their job, volunteer work, or often both.

But the feel-good party doesn’t stop there. Our writers say they also feel good interviewing and highlighting people who give back to the community. When the news cycle is filled with so much dreary content on a round-the-clock basis, it’s nice to stop for an issue and offer an appreciation of folks who find ways to do so many positive things. And it’s inspiring to know about the work ethic of people who still find time outside of the hustle and bustle of the workweek and family to give their free time to a wide variety of deserving causes and efforts.

Amazingly, there are many Richmonders who manage to do it — which speaks volumes about our city. This issue is for them.

Hadeel M. Abouhasira, 26

Omari Al-Qadaffi, 37

Thomas Arrington, 37

Jon-Christopher Bolling, 34

Jamie O. Bosket, 35

Ajay Brewer, 33

Mickael Broth, 35

Caitlin Brown, 27

Erin Burke Brown, 37

Scott Castro, 31

Nick Cooper, 38

Michael Doerr, 32

Mayme Beth F. Donohue, 33

Bladen C. Finch, 38

Angelica Garcia, 24

Jessica Gavin, 38

Hamilton Glass, 37

Marvin Green, 37

Ali Greenberg, 27

Travis Hamilton, 37

Ja Jones, 34

Scott Jones, 33

Brittany Keegan, 29

Chris Kerns, 35

Joey Kierson, 33

Adrienne Kotula, 37

Natisha Knight, 39

Francesca Leigh-Davis, 31

Ted Lewis, 36

Trieste Lockwood, 32

Valaryee Mitchell, 39

Brionna Nomi, 35

Jessee Perry, 29

Chris Rawlings, 33

Elizabeth Redford, 32

Juellisa Secosky, 37

Melissa Vaughn, 39

Jeremy Wirtes, 36

Chelsea Higgs Wise, 33

Adam Worcester, 36


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