Three Richmonders We Most Want to See Tend Bar

Reggie Pace
Co-founder, No BS! Brass band

What bar owner wouldn’t want this kind of party starter? He’ll make customers feel welcomed and wanted with his positive, high energy. Plus, he knows his way around a play list. The trombonist who’s played with Bon Iver and the Blind Boys of Alabama is a Richmond evangelist sure to push the local brews on tap and figure out the shooter that will put a smile on your face. And you know he’ll help you break the ice with the cute girl at the end of the bar.

Best fits: Balliceaux, the Broadberry, the Camel, the National’s VIP bar

Martin J. Barrington
Chairman and chief executive, Altria Group

With a name like Martin J. Barrington, he’s bound to build a following around lovers of single-malt scotch and real men searching for a good old-fashioned. He can fill a bar with grandfathers and young guns trying to make it big, picking his brain for business advice. Judging from his company’s big donations around town, he’s sure to slip you a free drink or two. And naturally, he’ll allow smoking in the bar.

Best fits: Buckhead’s, Morton’s the Steakhouse

Angela Bacskocky
Fashion designer

She constantly reinvents herself. Experience on “Project Runway” has given her an up-close perspective on reality television, which isn’t that different from working in a bar. We picture her drawing sophisticated, feminine clientele, where she’ll be available for fashion advice and tell it like it is. She won’t be ruled by the trends. She’s driven, creative and knows the perfect drink to fit you. Have some prosecco and a smile.

Best fits: Secco Wine Bar, Amuse at the VMFA


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