Three Photographers Worthy of Exposure

The Master: Medford Taylor

The colors and perfection of his compositions seem unreal, conjuring the work of great painters. Few photographers control the elements within the frame like Taylor. A free-lancer for the National Geographic Society since 1984, Taylor’s refined his craft to the highest level. This feat paired with a salt-of-the-earth personality makes him one of the best in Richmond.

The Rising Star: Jamie Betts

Fearless and relentless, Jamie Betts thinks nothing of driving directly toward a tornado or photographing while lightning strikes around him. Betts, known for his fine art and weather-related photography, sells his images around the world while generating most of his most memorable work in Richmond. He can make the most mundane scene beautiful with his deft understanding of light.

New Kid on the Block: Briget Ganske

She’s the whole package. Storyteller extraordinaire, Ganske can shoot stills and video, edit the piece and present the finished product. Smart, mature beyond her years (she’s 28) and a world traveler, Ganske possesses all the elements necessary to become a great documentary photographer and videographer.


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