There’s a Shark Party in the Atlantic Ocean, According to Satellites

There’s a shark party going on just off the southeast coast. And that’s just the toothy critters we know about.

Eleven sharks tagged by have surfaced off the coast in the past few days, sending their location information via satellite to the organization that tracks them. A couple pinged this morning just after being tagged in a recent project off Hilton Head, S.C.

Some of the new members of the tagged crew include Hilton, a 12-foot, 5-inch, 1,326-pound great white that continues to hang around off the coast of Myrtle Beach. Two others tagged this month are Weimar, a 9-4, 304-pound tiger that is digging the waters off Jacksonville, Fla., and Beaufort, a 5-7, 107-pound juvenile tiger pinging northeast of Morehead City, N.C.

Splashed throughout the region are Savannah, Grey Lady, George, Cisco and Oscar. A couple of great white youngsters tagged last year – 5-3 and 73-pound Manhattan and 5-3, 74-pound Gratitude – appear to be hanging close to each other east of Salvo on Hatteras Island.

But the question on every shark-watcher’s mind is: “Where is Mary Lee?”

Ocearch’s celebrity great white – the one that was 16 feet long and 3,500 pounds when tagged in 2012 – is keeping an eye on her peers from a location off Savannah, Ga., where she pinged on March 19.

As these sharks start to work their way north as waters warm, the party scene will focus on the mid-Atlantic.

Invitations will be mailed out shortly.

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