The Smoothest Life

Capt. Max Power’s Daily Yacht Rock Ritual

As a singer of yacht rock and AM gold, I must make sure that my voice, mind and body are in peak condition at all times in order to bring my fans the smoothest music on earth. I rise at 05:30 to the smell of fresh peppermint being crushed beneath my nose by a Brazilian herb master. Shortly after being dressed I step onto the lido deck for meditation and vocal warm-ups. Breakfast, usually a plate of cheese, fruit and pastry, is also served on the deck and is usually enjoyed with three (but no more than seven) mimosas. At this point my band and I watch “The Price Is Right” while our personal trainer, Xanadu, leads us in stretching and hothouse yoga. Then we’re joined by Geoff, our sensei and choreographer, for our karate-dance lessons, which always leave me in need of a nap and another mimosa! Once finished with lunch and cocktails I spend 1.5 hours with DeLores, our ship’s masseuse, to get me nice and loose before more meditation, eating and cocktails. Before dinner I generally like to sit in the sun for an hour or two with no disruption. After dinner I trade my white velvet jumpsuit for all-white linen and I’m ready to soft rock with Three Sheets to the Wind. Being smooth isn’t easy, but someone has to do it!


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