The Diamond Center at the Camel

Sunday, May 2

Headed by Brandi Price and Kyle Harris, the Diamond Center often feels like the musical equivalent of a desert mirage, the kind that once led thirst-starved cowboys astray with the promises of a full canteen. Blending trancy country reverb with psychedelic folk, this burgeoning duo (often accompanied by Price's sister Jana) stirs up a dusty kind of melancholy mixing aspects of Neko Case, My Morning Jacket and the Black Angels. Using Richmond as a home base after spending time among the tumbleweeds of Lubbock, Texas, the Diamond Center has continued to tour behind its latest album, “My Only Companion.” Playing a few local gigs before heading off to lay down some session tracks for Daytrotter, the Diamond Center is scheduled to perform at the Camel on Sunday, May 2, at 7 p.m. $5. 353-4901.


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