The Best Naughty VCU Rams’ Chant

Gloating about the Virginia Commonwealth University men’s basketball team is becoming one of our favorite pastimes. The Rowdy Rams have many creative chants that they belt out during home games at the Siegel Center. (The “War Song,” by the way, just might be the best basketball fight song ever.) One chant we really enjoy is kind of a combo. It involves the classic “You Suck” with the double-entendre, “Balls,” along with a physical gesture popularized during the introduction of opposing team players.

Fans will first declare “You Suck” in unison. They’ll then pause and turn completely around so that their backs are facing the court. They then reach their hands up, palms backward and slightly above their heads, while moving their fingers back and forth (think “spirit fingers” but not really). All together they holler, “Balls!” Some might see this as crude or perhaps not completely factual — it seems unlikely that all of the opposing players regularly perform this act — but it’s creative. Go Rams!


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