Suzyjimmy, the Big Guys and Gouda Mayhem at the Canal Club

Saturday, Feb. 7

It’s never a good idea to romanticize the past because the good times of old are nowhere near as fun as the good times of today. Case in point: On Saturday, Feb. 7, ageless Richmond rockers Suzyjimmy, the self-proclaimed “still-ready-to-rock” new duo consisting of Suzy Peeples from Suzy Saxon and the Anglos and Jimmy Catlett of Dirty Secrets, the Big Guys, featuring members of the Good Guys, the Deprogrammers, Club Zomby and the New Misty Centrals, and Gouda Mayhem will be out to prove that life in the later years is still worth dancing to. While this show is based on what was, it’s all about the here-and-now, and all three groups remain a testament to what is happening. Doors for the not-ready-for-the nursing-home-just-yet show open at 7 p.m. Admission is $7.50-$10.


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