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Unlike most of the McMexican restaurants in Richmond — good but all the same — has the warmth and personality of a local diner. Only instead of a hot open-faced turkey sandwich and gravy, you get las enchiladas supremas and carne asada. Su Casa is cozy, safely intimate, fun and it glows with warmth.

Though the owners are Greek, the menu is solidly Mexican and reflects the skill of the all-Mexican kitchen staff. A few Greek items are available, too, like desserts — baklava and kadaefi alongside sopapillas and fried ice cream — and Greek chicken and salad.

The “House Specials” ($5.50-$13.25) are unoriginal and entirely familiar to dedicated Mexican food enthusiasts: chimichanga, steak fajita, mole poblano, carnitas, etc. They’re also delicious. Nineteen different combination dinners ($6) dizzy the senses and read like hypothetical logic problems: one taco, one enchilada, rice and beans; one taco, two quesadillas, choice of rice or beans; one burrito, two tacos, and so on.

In keeping with the dinerlike atmosphere, I ordered the Mexican garbage plate: Su Casa for two ($13.25), a massive plate (two plates, really) of food including an enchilada, taco, burrito, chile relleno, tostada, quesadilla, flauta and rice and beans. It arrived in a minute and a half, and took me the better part of an hour to nearly finish.

My wife ordered the “let’s meet the other folks in the restaurant” special: a chicken fajita ($8. 95) that emerged from the kitchen in about two minutes with an alarming sizzle and so much smoke all heads turned our way with curious smiles.

Though the service is lightning quick, and a steady stream of customers keeps the two waitresses hopping, they don’t rush you through your meal. We spent about an hour and a half leisurely eating our food and sipping our drinks, watching satisfied customers slip in and out. When we finally left at 9:30 p.m. there were still people filing in.


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