Style Weekly Wins 44 Virginia Press Awards

The Virginia Press Association has announced the winners of its 2019 news and advertising contest and Style Weekly had a strong year, winning 44 awards with 16 first-place honors.

Among the first-place winners from Style’s 2019 staff were Scott Elmquist for general news photo, picture story or essay, and slideshow or gallery, former lifestyles editor Laura Ingles for general news writing, and Brent Baldwin for headline writing and multimedia report with Ed Harrington, Scott Elmquist and Laura Ingles. Dana Elmquist and Joel Smith won numerous first-place advertising awards.

Freelancers who took home first place awards included Tom Nash for in-depth or investigative reporting for his feature on the FBI’s Oliver Hill files, Jason Roop for his news writing portfolio, and Samantha Willis for arts writing (“Reclaiming History”).

Other freelancers who took home either second- or third-place awards included Amanda Dalla Villa Adams, Kate Andrews, Paul Brockwell, Phaedra Hise, Hilary Langford, Peter McElhinney, Karen Newton, Nathalie Oates, Brandon Shuleeta, Edwin Slipek, David Streever and Carol Wolf.

The annual Virginia Press Association banquet was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but there are some other awards to be announced whenever it is rescheduled.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks, as always, to our readers. We hope you will continue to support community journalism in the tough days ahead.


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