Snoopiest Television News Reporters

Richmond’s television stations aren’t lacking with reporters tackling the investigative beat. A.J. Lagoe uncovers the goods for 8 News, Rachel DePompa prods for NBC-12, and at CBS-6, Catie Beck always seems to have a surprise up her sleeve.

Beck says the most meaningful story of the year for her was an investigation of Richmond’s Department of Social Services, in which she uncovered allegations that management wasn’t removing abused children from dangerous homes to keep its foster care numbers low. “No story has moved me like this one,” she says. “It’s given me heartache and heartbreak, but also a renewed sense of purpose as a journalist that what we do really matters to those with no voice.”

Naturally, weird things happen along the way. “Hiding in alleys, parking lots, driveways and City Hall hallways brings with it a great collection of funny stories and haphazard happenings,” Beck says. We asked the Annapolis, Md., native to share four:

1. I was hit by a deer, literally a deer ran into the side of our news unit. (Car damage, we were fine.)

2. Dirtwoman proposed marriage to me. (I politely declined.)

3. One of my photographers during a stakeout introduced me to chicken and waffle potato chips. (First and last time, bleh.)

4. I became a temporary foster parent to a bird after a man displaced by a fire couldn’t take it to the shelter. Bird cage in the live truck? Yep. Came home from work with a canary.


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