Six Outstanding Dance Companies

Richmond is graced with a small but fertile dance community characterized by creativity, diversity and surprising longevity. Taken together, the strengths of each member complements the whole.

Ezibu Muntu African Dance Company: From its inception in 1973 as a Virginia Commonwealth University student organization, EzibuMuntu has devotedly nurtured the presence of African dance in the community. With weekly classes and appearances across town, the company champions African cultural traditions that form the basis, recognized or not, of many of the country’s cultural traditions.

Starr Foster Dance Project: In its 11th year, it can be relied upon to bring new modern dance works to Richmond stages every season, and to foster up-and-coming voices with its yearly Choreographers Showcase.

Richmond Ballet: Its commitment to both the great, classic story ballets and to the commissioning and presentation of new work makes it a natural leader in the local and regional field.

Concert Ballet of Virginia: This company works in the trenches, staging classic works on student dancers and performing across town — at retirement homes, in schools and at the Woman’s Club.

Latin Ballet of Virginia: Celebrating the richness of Hispanic culture, it works tirelessly to present beautiful and uplifting work, and to educate audiences of all ages with programs such as Spanish Language Through Dance and Dance as Therapy.

Ground Zero Dance: Celebrating 12 years of challenging dance events, the company prizes collaborative concerts that juxtapose the rich creative work of its artists with the work of peer artists from outside Virginia. The company has a great space in Manchester too.


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