Sexiest Bar Clientele

First Place: Off the Hookah

140 Virginia St.

Second Place: Balliceaux
Third Place: Nu Nightclub

It isn’t just the bar staff who get ogled for their visual appeal. The eclectic crowd at Off the Hookah comes in ready to turn heads. Whether they’re putting off a classy vibe or leaving little to the imagination, you can tell that thought went into the look (though guys, let’s not cause a worldwide cologne shortage, OK?). And no need to head here if you’re dressed like a schlup. The doorman’s bar is high and that’s probably what keeps the movers and groovers in this place on point. Even when the lights turn up at last call and everyone’s covered in each other’s sweat, it’s all good. Because after all, a lot of these folks are heading for a more undressed code at home. The scene is tantalizing in Balliceaux’s alluring back room after a night of throwing down with DJ Carlito. And over on Broad Street, sharp-dressed club-goers at Nu Nightclub give those fine go-go dancers a run for their money.


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