Second-Hand Love

Richmond men get some new options for their gently used clothes.

At 202 W. Broad St., a man walks slowly with a stack of shoe boxes in his arms that’s so tall he has to bend his neck to see where he’s going. He balances the stack long enough to open the door to Round Two, a street-wear consignment store.

Here, he can walk out with cash or new clothing in exchange for the gently used shoes he’s brought in. It’s a fine trade for the guy who wants to support his style habit. Unfortunately, in the past there haven’t been as many places to tap into this opportunity for men as there have been for women.

Women have had the stronghold on consignment: Indigo Avenue, Baggio, It’s Chic Again, Clementine and the Hall Tree to name a few major players. There are high-end consignment options and bargain spots that serve the younger audience. Storefront employees turn underappreciated fashions into cash or a store credit for sellers.

In a city with men who are just as fashion-conscious as women, new options are finally opening up. For starters, Ashby, at 3010 W. Cary St., the “sophisticated teenage sister” of the Clementine family of consignment and gift shops, has expanded its men’s section. It’s based largely on demand, says co-owner Lyn Page.

“We actually can’t keep enough stuff on the floor for our needs,” Page says.
The store carries a collection of casual men’s shirts, pants, shoes, hats, sunglasses and accessories. Page says she needs more men to contribute to the stock. If you’ve got a closet or pile of gently used clothing you aren’t putting to use, consider taking it here. You’ll get cash on the spot to take home or store credit to add new flavor to your summer wardrobe.

Since Susan Youngs opened It’s A Man’s World at 100 W. Broad St. in September, her men’s consignment shop has grown thanks to word of mouth and foot traffic from First Fridays. It may have helped that she opened the store by filling it with Prada shoes and Gucci belts from her husband’s personal collection. Turns out, other Richmond men have high-quality apparel to share. The racks, tables and display cases at a Man’s World stay stocked. Youngs is considering expanding her business online because it has gone so well, she says.

Other options for men’s consignment include Rumor’s Consignment Boutique at 723 W. Broad St. and the Hall Tree at 12 S. Thompson St. As with women’s boutiques, each has its own flavor and character. As sellers, it’s important for men to take time to get to know the different price ranges, brands, aesthetics and selling guidelines of each one.  For example, Rumors shares answers on its website,, and lists current buying needs based on the demand of the season and trends.
The more a seller knows about the store, the more lucrative the exchange can be.

More Men’s Hot Spots

Jackson & James
3200 Rockbridge St.

The brother and sister behind the Scott’s Addition store had a vision to bring raw denim and other quality men’s pieces to Richmond. The store is built to lounge. Stay a while and allow the staff to offer a laid-back personal shopping experience.

Need Supply
1300 W. Cary St.

Trends begin at Need Supply and some go global. The Richmond-based brand carries designer denim, shoes, grooming products and accessories from contemporary and independent labels. The Carytown store is experienced much like a New York fashion showroom.

Yesterday’s Heroes
105 S. Addison St.

Step into Yesterday’s Heroes to score a pair of vintage sneakers, a classic beanie or a new pair of Levi’s. The store stays stocked with a curated selection of new and used vintage clothing for both men and women in addition to home decor.

Addison Handmade & Vintage
103 S. Addison St.

The 60s and 70s aesthetic in infused throughout this vintage spot’s decor and its clothing, which is sold both online and in the store. Men can buy boots, denim, button downs and locally made grooming products.

Round Two
202 W. Broad St.

If you’re stalking the latest hype-beast collabs, this is the Richmond street wear store to visit. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable if you want to learn more about the new Yeezy release or vintage Jordans. Stick around to take in the barbershop vibe and find something to freshen your wardrobe.

707 RVA
310 E. Broad St.

The 707 team made an incredible showing at RVA Fashion Week 2018. Several men in the audience suggested they wanted to purchase entire looks from the brand’s collection. Not only can you commission a custom suit, you can bring in your personal items for repair and alterations.

315 W. Broad St.

Southern roots shine through this classic Richmond brand’s high quality shirts and sport coats. Step into the flagship store to find the right fit off the rack or create something new by making an appointment at the made-to-measure lounge.

5321 Lakeside Ave. and 11800 W. Broad St.

Since the ’70s, this family-owned business has been bringing custom and high-end fashions from Italy and elsewhere to Richmond men. Come here to create your own bespoke suit and shop brands including Gravati Shoes and Vineyard Vines.

Bluebones Vintage
322 W. Broad St.

Big belt buckles, graphic button downs, vintage denim, classic plaids and T-shirts pack the racks at cozy Blue Bones. Pick up a new record from Steady Sounds (in the same space) on the way out of this Richmond retro fashion and music hub.

Rider Boot
18 W. Broad St.

An outfit is only as good as its foundation. Jeff and Ron Rider can make sure you have a few pairs of boots and oxfords that will take you from the boardroom to First Fridays. It’s about the best fit and rich Italian leather.

823 W. Broad St.

If you’ve ever called yourself a sneaker head, this is a spot you probably already know. The shoe boutique carries exclusive shoe collections and collaborations. Come here for your Jordan fix or the latest Supreme and Bape shirts, hats and just about anything else they’ll put their logos on.

Shockoe Atelier
13 S. 15th St.

Shockoe Atelier offers a lifetime guarantee on its locally made line of chore coats, field shirts, denim and trousers. You can bring items back for repair throughout their lives. Visit the Shockoe Bottom store to find a pair of pants measured to fit and built to last.


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