Sarah Iracane, 36

Chief Program Officer for World Pediatric Project

For the past 13 years, Iracane has worked for the nonprofit World Pediatric Project, which delivers medical care for children who don’t have access to advanced pediatric care in Central America and the Caribbean. It’s different from many other programs because it delivers a full spectrum of pediatric surgical care. She’s always been passionate about nonprofit work and relocated to Richmond after living overseas.

Iracane says she loves the challenge of building health care programs and bringing together physicians and nurses she works with in the U.S., or health care workers overseas, to create something sustainable and impactful. She was proud to lead the effort to create a regional network for advanced neonatal care in the Caribbean and Central America. All this, while raising her three kids of her own who are younger than 5.

Of course, her organization was affected on every front by the pandemic, making the challenges in countries with limited resources more pronounced.

“We’ve been utilizing tele-health capacities and leaning on our international network to connect kids to care resources closer to their homes at a time when our U.S. volunteers can’t travel,” she says, adding that the pediatric medical community of Richmond as world class. “It’s really my privilege to help these doctors engage in this work.”

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