Wired for Art 

Works of art take center stage at the home of Jack Blanton.

dimensional pieces. There are paintings by Richard Carlyon and Gene Davis and heavy metal chairs (literally and figuratively) by Robert Cleveland, who studied at Virginia Commonwealth University, and Waynesboro designer Fred Crist.

“I used to be a normal person,” says Blanton with a smile, “But then I started getting a few things.”


Blanton’s still evolving contemporary collection — 30 years in the making — is characterized by the dynamic pieces of prominent regional artists, from Maurice Beane-designed furniture to Rubin Peacock sculpture to Nell Blaine, Harriet Fitzgerald, Andy Bality and Nancy Camden Witt canvases. This makes moving through the home an exhilarating experience.

Miraculously however, the place isn’t chockablock. This wouldn’t surprise those who know Blanton. The recently retired vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is famous for being fastidious in everything he tackles. Characteristically, he has taken as much care in placing and illuminating his artworks as he did in assembling them. And since the collection includes works by many members of Richmond’s tight-knit artistic community, t