When It Rains 

Caleb Williams, 13


“We have little games we want to do at the basketball court. But our court gets flooded. … All this rain makes me feel like God’s giving us a sign or something.”

Derrick Polk, 12


“All this rain makes me feel bored.”

Kenneth Jarrell, 51

Stone monumental worker

“The worse thing about the rain is floods. I was in Tennessee about three weeks ago when they had all that flash flooding up there and I lost my car in that flood. It seems like ever since I’ve been home all it’s done is rain, rain, rain. I think it must be following me around [laughs]. It’s all you can do to make the best of what you got. … All this rain makes me feel like screaming.”

Judy Holland, 67

Retired child-care worker

“The rain is replenishing the life and trees and grass and giving us water to drink. I think we’ve got a mess because of how we’re not taking care of this drainage so the water can get out. My church had it last Sunday. I’ve never seen it rain as much as it did last Sunday. And at a downtown church, with ramps in the front and back and people with walkers and wheelchairs, we had to get elevation for them. If the water’s not draining like it ought to, it’s going to run into the church. But I’m not going to complain about rain, not when we’re so short of water. I’ve been doing really well, I do work around the home that I don’t usually get a chance to do cause I’m out walking. I’m out now looking for the sunshine.”

Kenny Wallace, 45


“The best thing about the rain is it’s replenishing. The worst thing about the rain is that there’s too much, too much right now. It makes me a little gloomy — need a little sunshine. All this rain makes me feel like Mother Nature has left the building.”

Jovon Taylor, 12


“The best thing about the rain is we won’t have the drought this summer. The worst thing is you can’t hardly come outside and play.”

Janina Goode, 21

Employee, Detour in Carytown

“I’m sick of the rain. I’m ready for the summertime, for the rain to be over with. We haven’t had this much rain in a long time, like every day. Everything’s wet, you get wet when you go outside. It’s depressing. I’m just looking forward to the summertime. And the sun.”

DeJuan Smith, 14


“Like it is out here now, we can’t even play without slipping and falling and hurting ourselves. I think that’s a shame. But sometimes I like the rain because at night it helps me go to sleep. … The rain makes me feel — if I had to describe it — unpredictable.”

James Mast, 20

Nursing home worker

“Rain makes things grow. What we saw last spring was things were really dry and short of water. Things are really growing and will be growing this summer. So the rain now lets us enjoy them later on. Rain does stop me from enjoying outdoor sports like softball and volleyball, enjoying nature in a different way. I guess you can still enjoy it if it does rain — like we’re doing sitting outside in this little pavilion here. I miss the sunshine a lot. … All this rain makes me feel kind of frustrated because it keeps you from doing some things. But sometimes it’s nice to sit in the rain and think and be kind of blue.”

Al, “I just go by Al,” 48

Harmonica player

“The rain brings back the blues. It always makes them fresh. And the things that you think about are the things you hold dear in your heart. Like a lover that’s gone or somebody that’s left you. Someone that’s left you blue. The rain ain’t good for anybody except maybe a farmer. But if you’ve got the blues, the rain’s going to bring it out of you. You know, you don’t wish nothing bad on anybody. So if the rain helps somebody, it’s got to help the farmers. Then I guess it trickles down and it helps us, too. Maybe three years from now the prices of groceries will go down. The worst thing about the rain is being wet and cold. … This rain just makes me feel



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