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On a therapeutic level it is called deep tissue [massage]. It involves going deep into the tissue to find the areas that are tight and tense and to relieve those areas through deep pressure.

I developed my technique over 27 years of training in the martial arts. My background is in yoga. I have a 2nd degree black belt. I've studied tai chi and right now I'm studying Aikido. Whatever I'm committed to I bring to my practice — my nutrition, my healing, my training, my exercise, my meditation — all of that.

I ask the client to breathe with me. It's like a consortium; we work together. I try to connect with the client on different levels: on the physical level, the emotional level and the spiritual level.

I see clients who are interested in healing rather than just feeling good and getting relaxed. They want to get to a deeper state of awareness of who they are through a mind-body connection. Some people benefit more than others do because they come in open-minded and want to explore. It's quite an experience for both of us.

Each stroke I do is all from my breath. Inhale; exhale. It's how I tune everything out. I follow my breath.

There are energy highways throughout the body, and there are major points. These points are like exits on highways, and when they become jammed — a lot of disorders and illnesses go on in the body — my fingers will try and break free of the jams and let energy flow.

I can pick it up on my body. It may sound a little hokeypokey, but I'll feel something on my body and say, Ooh! I think they feel this point on their body because I feel it on my body. I am connecting with them with my hands. I'm told that my hands are like Geiger counters [laughs].

As I'm exploring the body they're coming with me on a journey. Most of the time I'm doing it with my eyes closed and a mosaic of their body comes to mind and I feel certain energies — Oh! Here's a bump here; here's a depth here. And it's not a visual depth and not a visual bump but it's a depth of energies and emotions coming out. That bump means that there's a block and I have to rise over them, we rise over together, and I say, 'Can you take a breath, can you rise over the mountain?' Whew! Down, down the mountain they go and there's the emotion — 'Ah' [gasps].


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