The Scoop: Week 33, 2012 

This Week: More Bike Debate, More Ashland Politics, More RVA Food.


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“They were getting a packed hall of 150 people there.” -- Jeffrey Imm, who uncovered information linking the Sikh temple shooting to a Richmond hate group, about a Confederate Hammerskins concert here.

HELLO: You might have failed to find shirtless Paul Ryan pics at his old fraternity house, TMZ, but at least you got him on the record about that whole P90X thing. … Speaking of sweat, farewell to the RVA Music Fest -- at least for this year. RVA Magazine confirms that its festival, which was expected next month, is canceled, though it couldn’t elaborate. RVA Playlist writes that there were “various issues with booking and management.” … But in the wake of that news, a new festival is emerging Sept. 15 called River City Shreds, from Worthless Junk, a local label that claims Black Girls, White Laces and the No BS Brass Band.

VICE PRESIDENTIALITY: We’d barely posted our Facebook album from Saturday’s Romney-Ryan visit to Ashland when we found out that Paul Ryan was returning. What did Suzanne put in those pies? Ryan holds a rally at Deep Run High School tomorrow morning. (Ticket information here.) … Last week former Gov. L. Douglas Wilder weighed in on whether race would be a factor in the election. Yesterday the Democrat came down hard on Joe Biden for his “put ya’ll back in chains” comment in Danville: “The history of this nation’s involvement with slavery is nothing to pass off in a joke.” Here’s a clip of the full Wilder interview. … Biden’s remarks “seemed incredibly offensive and out of touch,” said Gov. Bob McDonnell, whom you may recall set off his own controversy in 2010 by proclaiming April Confederate History Month in Virginia, calling for an understanding of Confederate sacrifices while failing to mention the role of slavery. At the time, Wilder said, that was “mind-boggling to say the least.”

WHERE’S CUCCINELLI? Gov. McDonnell and Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling reportedly plan to attend the Paul Ryan rally tomorrow. But there was no mention of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who’s running against Bolling to be the Republican candidate for governor next year. Not only that, Mitt Romney awkwardly and seemingly accidentally endorsed Bolling last week, later issuing a correction. But Cuccinelli’s political director, Noah Wall, tells me it’s just a matter of scheduling. Cuccinelli is trying to attend Ryan’s rally here with McDonnell and Bolling, and likely will appear at a later rally in Northern Virginia, he says: “We work very closely with the Romney campaign, so when Ken isn’t at an event of theirs it’s usually because of a scheduling conflict.”

BIKE DEBATE CONTINUES: CBS-6’s Mark Holmberg pedals a bicycle up the narrow and winding stretch of River Road where Lanie Kruszewski was killed in a hit-and-run. “The Huguenot Bridge is being widened to make it safer and much-more bicycle friendly. But what’s the point if you’ve got to risk life and limb in that 1.7-mile-long deathtrap?” he asks, closing his commentary with this: “There’s only one reason why this one little stretch is two lanes. That’s because the people who live around here don’t want it any other way. But you know what I say? That’s too bad.” … On our Facebook page and at StyleWeekly.com, readers have been weighing in on how bike-friendly Richmond is. In a letter this week, Mike Gasser writes that it will take a radical change: “I hope that the city of Richmond ditches hip labeling for real action.”

HOLLYWOOD MOM: Which Ashland resident is about to become Jennifer Aniston’s new mother-in-law? Author and essayist Phyllis Theroux, who’s already mother to one star, actor and writer Justin Theroux, who proposed to Aniston last week. From the Style archives: In a profile on her writing career, Phyllis Theroux jokingly recalls being introduced to a gathering of writers and artists with her son as the hook: “It was a great lesson in humility.” There’s no shortage of details online, and tomorrow’s People magazine promises even more!

INSTACOVER, INSTACHALLENGE: Politico’s Mike Allen teases Time magazine’s new cover image, drawn from over 30,000 Instagram photos for “The Wireless Issue: 10 Ways Your Phone Is Changing the World” Inside, the photos all were shot on mobile phone cameras. … Style Weekly Photography Editor Scott Elmquist notes that he shot this video for us on his iPhone for our recent feature on a unique and musical Hardee’s. ... So here’s an Instagram challenge: Email me a link to your best Instagram photo expressing your mood this week, and I’ll feature the best in a future issue of The Scoop.

CREATIVE VORTEX: You want to know how to describe Richmond’s sound? Start here. At the center of so many musicians, bands and their offspring is Matthew White. In this week’s cover story, music writer Peter McElhinney (who celebrates his birthday tomorrow) says White “who just turned 30, is leading the biggest potential breakthrough for Richmond’s youthful creative renaissance.” He navigates White’s network of talent and experience and gets a preview (some of which you can hear) of White’s new album releasing next week, “a culmination of nearly a decade at the center of a vibrant local scene he envisioned and helped create.”

DANCING QUEEN: The subject of the first cover story I wrote for Style, dance icon Frances Wessells, celebrates her 93rd birthday on Saturday. She’s still dancing, choreographing, teaching at Virginia Commonwealth University, and even was game to join in this spoof video with Jack Lauterback and me for last year’s Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Awards. Happy birthday to one of Richmond’s artistic greats.

ONLINE BULLYING: Tonight’s Social Media Club of Richmond tackles the topic of online harassment: “Who decides when free speech becomes something more sinister?” Information here.

THREE QUESTIONS IN STYLE: 1) Is a serial attacker stalking female runners in the Fan? … 2) Why are city water bills so much more than in the counties?3) If this change would instantly lift Richmond from the bottom 10 percent of cities to the top 10 percent, then would we do it?

EATING AND DRINKING: This is the Richmond sandwich from Black Sheep restaurant that represented the mid-Atlantic in the finals of Adam Richman’s “Best Sandwich in America” last night. Unfortunately, this roast pork hero from Philly won out.Carytown’s first farmer’s market starts on Sunday from a longtime bike cop. (Will this bring, as one street performer put it last week, “More people, more money”?). … Ellie Basch reviews Cous Cous, calling it a “sexy place” and checking out the new menu rolling out for the restaurant’s sixth anniversary.

SIGNATURE ISSUES: Last week we published our 2012 Comic Strip Issue. Here are the winners. … And do you know a dynamic, selfless young leader in Richmond who’s working to bring about change and not just trying to pad a résumé? We’re getting ready for our annual Top 40 Under 40 issue, and seeking your suggestions.

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1. Gaze at the stars through these powerful lenses with the Richmond Astronomical Society.

2. Rock out with the White Laces’ record-release party at Balliceaux.

3. Take a walk filled with good bites in “Fan of the Food: Eateries and Arts Food Tour.”

4. Leave your prudishness at the door for opening weekend of Virginia Rep’s new play.

5. Get loud and messy at Hadad’s Lake for the annual day-long Gwar-B-Q festival.

6. Watch the Filmroasters take on Vanilla Ice’s movie classic.

7. Find out what makes Todd Barry, Brendon Walsh and Neil Hamburger so funny.

8. Take in Irene Ziegler’s fresh start -- and her new performance.



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