The Comforts of Home 

Party-core thrashers Municipal Waste love some Europe, but are glad to come home and try to find some quiet.

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Local thrashers Municipal Waste have been a staple in the Richmond underground hardcore scene for almost a decade. After touring extensively over the past eight years, it's good to know they haven't outgrown their little River City.

Founding member and guitarist Ryan Joy (or Ryan Waste in the family unit of the band) understands and loves the punks here and knows how to bring out the masses, be it through inflatable crowd-surfing implements, mosh pits, or spraying beer and passionate vulgarities into the microphone.

While the band's next local show won't take place in the Bone-Zone or some other Oregon Hill basement, it's teaming up with local legend Lamb of God to annihilate The National Monday, Nov. 24, with guttural singing, grungy guitar riffs, double-bass pedals and probably lots of cheap beer.


Style: How long have you been with the Waste? Are you a founding member?

Ryan Waste: I started the band in the summer of 2000 so I've been doing it for about eight years.


You guys have been touring all over the world lately. Is that right?

Yeah, we've been all over the place: Europe, Australia, Puerto Rico, you name it. We've been doing the deal, man.


What does it feel like now, coming back to Richmond after getting such recognition?

It's always nice to be home because we're on the road so much. It feels good to just be home in general -- not even playing -- just hanging out in town. It's always a good feeling. We feel real welcome being in a band with such a diverse scene.


Is there anything about Richmond that rubs you the wrong way when you come back?

Sometimes when I get back and I've been partying on the road, all my friends want to get drunk. They don't understand that I've been doing that every night. I just kind of want to relax when I'm home. I don't want to be out and getting wild because I just came off that. It's kind of hard to see your friends and then come home and want to get away from people and enjoy your privacy. You're surrounded by people when you're out touring. It's kind of hard to mellow out sometimes.


Tell me about the upcoming tour.

We're going to Europe on December 2, just to the U.K. We're doing an end-of-the-year-type thing. Our label is based out of the U.K. We've been over there probably about 10 times touring. We do real well over there, and it's just nice to reiterate at the end of the year that we still care about our fans in the U.K. because we have a big following over there.


Where is your largest following?

We're pushed really hard over there because of our label. But it's such a small place, it's not hard to cover a lot of ground. We'll be over there for just a few weeks. It'll be short and sweet like every other time. We know the terrain and what to expect so it's always a lot of fun for us being in the U.K.


If you had to settle anywhere and become a hometown band, where do you think that would be?

I'd probably go to Europe -- Holland -- just because it's so relaxing there and it'd be a nice change. It'd be kind of cool to live in a different country I think. But we're fine being home-based in Richmond. It's kind of perfect anyway. I bought a house here so I'm pretty much stuck here either way I look at it [laughs]. Richmond is always going to be my number one love but I think to live in Europe at some point would be cool. I'll take Richmond over my hometown any day.


I've been living here for a few years now and I love it.

Yeah, Richmond is a good place to go when you get sick of your boring-ass hometown. I came here to start a band. I came here for the music. I knew I was coming for college but it was really for the music. I majored in sociology though but now I just major in riffs.


Lamb of God, Municipal Waste and This Time It's War play the National Monday, Nov. 24, starting at 8 p.m. $25. 612-1900 or www.thenationalva.com.



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