Tea for Three 

A tea party — minus the mud pies and unruly stuffed bunny.

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Occasionally in this hectic world, life gets so busy that the poor beleaguered restaurant reviewer doesn't even have time to write her own reviews. This week I had to resort to a bit of psychic plagiarism with my children in order to get the job done. Below you'll find out all about our experiences at Cuppa Tea Co. — B.F.

I think my mother might be going deaf because she hardly ever seems to hear what I have to say. Maybe it's because she's always talking, talking, talking. The worst is when we go to restaurants because she gets very impatient when she has to wait and we have to listen to her go on and on about how when she was a waitress she would apologize to people when she couldn't get to them and act sorry and everything, which is how you're supposed to act when you're inconveniencing people who have starving children.

I don't like waiting either, but when I start to complain too much, I get sent to wait outside with my sister. That's no fun since my mom has a way of seeing me out of the back of her head even though all of her hair is there and if we get too rambunctious, we might not get to watch TV.

My mom wasn't happy when she had to wait nearly a half an hour to get a pot of tea at Cuppa Tea Co. Even though when it did arrive, it had two more pots with it and one of them was my favorite of all time — mint. I don't think my mom expected us to drink about 16 little cups of it, each with a whole lump of sugar in it.

The Cuppa Tea Co. is very pretty, with lots of flowery teacups, fancy silver stuff, and even a fountain — but the fountain wasn't on, which was a disappointment. There were three kinds of good-smelling lotions in the bathroom — isn't that awesome? I recommend the lavender, because it smells the best.

Lots of the grown-up ladies there had on fancy dresses and even fancy flip-flops. But when we were getting ready to leave the house, my mom said she was too tired to argue and she just wanted to get out the door, so we got to wear shorts.

My mom says I'm an adventurous eater, so we got the Asian tea, which had dim sum. At the regular dim sum place, everyone has to share all the food and pass it around, which is very messy. I liked it here because my food came on its own wooden tray with a leaf on it, and I had a basket thing with two layers all to myself. On top were some oblong bundles and some round ones and although both had shrimp in them, the oblong one was my favorite because it had little rice noodles in it. On the bottom half, there was more shrimp in a different-shaped dumpling but some really good other ones my mom said were chicken. There were small egg rolls too, and even though I don't like egg rolls, I loved those a lot.

The chicken was kind of dry but I liked the sauce. They called it teriyaki, but it was tart and sweet and way better than the teriyaki sauce my mom puts on chicken at our house. There was a weird coconut thing called a macaroon that I hated but my mom said you had to like coconut before you could call it good or bad. Whatever. My mom ordered some more dessert which she told the waitress was because me and my sister begged her. But we really didn't, she just wanted it. It was pretty good but the cupcake tasted like it was made from a mix and the cheesecake was kind of frozen, so that was a bummer. The lemon scones weren't like my mom's, which are really fluffy, but more like thick, yummy lemon cookies, so I didn't mind.

I definitely want to go back and so does my sister. It was a lot of fun and since my mom always seems to forget to buy sugar cubes like we tell her to, it would be great to have more of those. Even my sister liked the dim sum and she only eats mainly macaroni and cheese, so that was a surprise. I hope we can try it out again a few more times because I want to have my birthday party there, and it would be awesome to go in the winter and drink tea, which is now one of my very favorite things. S

Cuppa Tea Co.
1 N. Morris St.
Tuesday-Saturday: 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Nonsmoking and limited handicapped access.


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