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Re: “OPINION: Testing data shows that Carver Elementary is not alone with score irregularities

I commend Wolf for her writing, research and activism. I just wish shed leave out the parts about how she is a long-suffering martyr.

Wolf incorrectly identifies the victims here - the real victims are the taxpayers who on one hand are forced to pay for the education of other people's children, and on the other hand fail to receive good value for their money. Due sympathy to the parents who were promised that their children would receive a "free" (to them) education and were bamboozled by government. Charter schools would at least give those parents some choice and give the taxpayers some accountability.

The only way this will ever change is through accountability. The school personnel involved in the teaching scandal should not only have been fired, but should have also faced criminal charges - fraud comes to mind.

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Posted by TANSTAAFL on 08/29/2018 at 6:31 PM

Re: “City Posts Public Art Coordinator Job After Ellyn Parker Quietly Left

Remind me again why we even need to pay someone to do this. Remember how the outgoing director never was allowed to choose public art and always contracted those choices out to various consulting firms? Yeah, that cost the hardworking taxpayers of Richmond yet more of their hard-earned dollars. For someone who does... what, exactly? Draws a fat salary at the taxpayers expense, yet isnt allowed/qualified/whatevs to even do the job for which she is paid?

This is a position that should not even exist in government, nor should there be any need for such a position. Government should not have a multi-million dollar slush fund for buying art in the first place, so no need for someone to not-administer it. Remember how the greedy politicians raided that slush fund? The only guaranteed way to prevent that is to not have a slush fund in the first place.

We are still being constantly bombarded by messages about how the schools are underfunded, need toilet paper, need parents to show up for work calls to clean and paint, etc. Yet we want to spend more money on art? Let the schoolchildren provide the public art. Two problems solved; youre welcome.

And you know that statues controversy? Yeah, thats a controversy over taxpayer funded artwork. You want more controversy, then keep spending more taxpayer money on artwork.

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Posted by TANSTAAFL on 08/22/2018 at 7:14 PM

Re: “Incompatible Heavy Metal

Oh, the delicious irony. Slipek, who has consistently been one of the biggest fans of central planning suddenly dont like it none too much. LOL. You have made your own bed, Slipek, and now you must lie in it.

The source of Slipek's butt-hurt? Somebody with a different design aesthetic made a decision which Slipek doesn't like, and that person, not Slipek, is in charge and Slipek's only recourse is to whine about in the tabloid media. Insert sad trombone sfx here.

Slipek, now you know how the rest of us feel when one of you historical preservation whingers mouth off about what we ought to do with our own property. Enjoy the new boss, Slipek, because it seems that modernity is in and historicity is out. How's that central planning working out for you now, Slipek?

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Posted by TANSTAAFL on 05/31/2018 at 7:45 PM

Re: “OPINION: We don’t need a new baseball stadium or new coliseum, but we do need public art

There you have it, folks, the complete contempt which cultural elites like Wolf have for ordinary people. Normal people want a stadium, but Wolf is here to save us from our knuckle-dragging selves. What we really need, according to our self-appointed betters is more iron circles pretending to be artwork, more woke intersectional ballet. How dare that plumber presume to know whats best for himself? How dare the mechanic reject the forced cultural indoctrination offered to him by enlightened progressives? How dare the fry cook question why his hard-earned tax dollars be spent on art he finds incomprehensible if not downright offensive? How dare that working-poor family dream of being able to afford a weekend at Va Beach once a year when they should be happy to stay home and be enlightened by the artwork they are forced to fund with their tax dollars?

Im not a big fan of taxpayer-funded stadiums, colosseums OR artwork, but if I am to be forced to pay for any of the above, let it be infrastructure which can be used and enjoyed by the greatest number of people. But as long as you have taxpayer-funded arts and culture youre going to have people like Wolf try to shame the rest of us into spending our money on their pet projects.

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Posted by TANSTAAFL on 05/02/2018 at 6:22 PM

Re: “Updated: Mayor Opposed to Council Plans to Use Public-Art Funds

"It is sad that the arts and culture are the first on the chopping block."

LOL. No, it's not SG. Arts and "culture" (whatever you mean by that) are first on the chopping block because they are luxuries. What would you have us chop to preserve arts funding, SG? Police? Fire Department? Ambulance service? Water purification? Wastewater treatment?

And budget cuts do work. Duh. So, SG, when your family is going through hard times do you eat out and go to the movies more, or do you stay home and eat Hamburger Helper and watch that scratched DVD movie yet again? Right. And the same laws of economics that apply to your family apply to city government.

Scotty (aka Disappointed Constituent). Again, LOL. You came so close Scotty. So very close. Of course politicians view arts (and all the other budget categories) as slush funds. And the only way to nip that is to cut off the politicians' supply of tax dollars. And Scotty turns right around and declares that we need more better sources of money for politicians - the cigarette tax. No, Scotty, what we need is to starve leviathan. Put the politicians on a diet (looking at you, Parker). Cut off their tax dollars. Because every tax dollar the politicians have is an invitation to further mischief. Every tax dollar the politicians are denied is a win for the rest of us, whether you realize it or not.

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Posted by TANSTAAFL on 05/01/2018 at 6:49 PM

Re: “OPINION: It’s Past Time That We Changed the Names of Schools Honoring Confederate Leaders

We, the non-SJW taxpayers, have to insure ourselves against future griefer shenanigans, and the only way to do that is to rename each and every school and number them arbitrarily. Today progs want to rename JEB Stuart ES, but tomorrow it will be Ginter Park ES. You see, Lewis Ginter bought Confederate States of America bonds (ie, he financed the South in the Civil War), and he was also involved in the tobacco trade. And its quite possible that he was involved in a relation with an underage person. If anyone is allowed to be offended and demand the renaming of public facilities because of hurt feelings, then everyone must be allowed to be offended and to demand renames. So we must do this all at once and be done with it.

And it is unfair to make all taxpayers pay for this because taxpayers includes black people. Why should black people have to pay for the renaming of schools whose names they find offensive? Isnt that further victimizing them? So the only solution is voluntary contributions. Hop to it, progs! Set a good example for the rest of us. Show us how its done.

Keep an eye on this issue, people, because we all know its a rehearsal for the move-the-statues fight. If progs wont even pony up to rename the one elementary school they (currently) want to rename, then there is no way they will pay to move multiple statues.

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Posted by TANSTAAFL on 05/01/2018 at 6:28 PM

Re: “OPINION: It’s Past Time That We Changed the Names of Schools Honoring Confederate Leaders

This, folks, is a perfect example of progressives refusing negotiate in good faith. I offered a perfectly reasonable alternative - renaming ALL the schools with politically neutral names that will offend nobody. David Justice pretends that I do not wish to rename the schools at all - thats some impressive intellectual dishonesty there, DJ.

Then DJ turns right around and tries to hand-wave away the cost of renaming the schools. If its truly de minimis, DJ, how come you and your fellow progs arent ponying up those few dollars? Way to undermine your own argument, DJ.

How very revealing that that Ms. Wolf is comforted by intellectually dishonest arguments.

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Posted by TANSTAAFL on 04/30/2018 at 6:02 PM

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