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Re: “Opinion: Tim Kaine Owes Virginia an Explanation About Jens Soering

Kaine answered the question just fine: Hand Germany back its problem. Don't waste πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ taxpayer money jailing a foreign criminal for decades.

The Op-Ed author just doesn't like Kaine's answers.

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Posted by Susan Ahern on 08/12/2016 at 11:13 AM

Re: “Richmond Is Now An Asthma Capital and Doctors Say Schools Are Part of the Problem

MJ, conceiving a child is often an unintended consequence of a wholly human act. Conception is not always a conscious decision. I have compassion for women who accidentally get pregnant and yet are not capable, financially or emotionally, of bringing a child into this world.

And stone-age understanding of fetal development? Your understanding of fetal development (life begins at conception) that you are promoting is a religious construct, not a medical one.
Your views reflect beliefs, and that's the problem: You seem to want to make everybody share your RELIGIOUS beliefs on fetal development. Medical doctors do not at all agree that life begins at conception.

I went to 10 years of Catholic school and in theology class learned that at some point the Catholic Church thought that male semen was considered "life" and so men maturbating was a sin, because it was destroying life instead of creating a child. When's the last time you've heard that notion preached in a Catholic Church? This example illustrates how religious beliefs about the definition of "life" change over time and are based more on faith than on medicine.

I respect your beliefs, MJ, but I worry that people like you who perhaps cannot distinguish between your religious views and medical facts will end up trying to enshrine your beliefs into laws. Laws that force the rest of us to adopt your religious views. This goes against the separation of church and state our Founding Fathers codified in the Constitution.

i have the exact same concerns about electing Sturtevant to the va State Senate. We don't need more GOP rabidly religious folks who will attempt to legislate their personal theology into laws for the rest of us. The legislature is sadly already loaded w/ these folks.

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Posted by Susan Ahern on 10/26/2015 at 10:54 PM

Re: “Richmond Is Now An Asthma Capital and Doctors Say Schools Are Part of the Problem

No woman, Karen, should be forced to have a medical procedure that is entirely unnecessary --just to satisfy politicians' need to scare her out of a legal medical prosecute.

An abdominal ultrasound, mandated by GOP-Dominated legislature, reveals absolutely no medically helpful info to a woman under three months pregnant. Over 90 percent of abortions occur in the first three months. The GOP could not get its way w/ the more invasive Vaginal Uktrasound, that would reveal more, so the GOP settled for making women undergo an absolutely worthless medical procedure. Just to intimidate women.

Sturtevant says he is against Gov overreach but forcing women to have unnecessary medical procedures is an egregious example of Gov over-reach.

Btw there are also millions, the majority of women and men in this state and country, who believe women, not politicians, ought make their own health decisions. Where is your party after a poor baby is born? Sturtevant is against Medicaid Expansion that would help more poor WORKING women afford to keep their babies. And help expand mental-health treatment, which Sturevant says would help prevent gun violence. But nope--no help, just rhetoric from Sturtevant.

As for Sturetvant's education record--his vote AGAINST increasing the crumbling city-school's budget also had the effect of not allowing the schools to improve the teacher-public ratio.

I'm guessing you will rationalize this away, too, w/ some words that do not really explain Sturtvant's decisions.

I stand by my statement that Glen Sturetevant will take Virginia backwards if he is elected to the State Senate.

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Posted by Susan Ahern on 10/26/2015 at 7:26 PM

Re: “Richmond Is Now An Asthma Capital and Doctors Say Schools Are Part of the Problem


Styrtevant would take Virginia backwards on so many levels. GOP or Dem --who could look at the Richmond's crumbling schools and vote AGAINST raising the budget? Yet that's exactly what Sturtevant did!

Our excellent Universities in VA desperately need more state funding to keep tuition affordable --it is spiraling out of control! Based on Sturevant's ability to turn a blind eye to the educational institutions he could have helped --surely the colleges would be out of luck if he were elected to VA state Senate.

Sturtevant's record makes clear he is for vouchers that are often used for religious schools. Taxpayer money ought NOT be used to promote or support religious schools.

But no wonder Sturtevant was not willing to increase funding for crumbling city public schools if vouchers were his goal.

Trashing? I don't think explaining someone's record to inform voters is trashing anyone.

Perhaps Sturtevant's record on education is disturbing and so it's easier to distract by pointing the finger at me.

Lastly, if you are a woman and value making your own healthcare decision STURTEVANT is a candidate that will limit your options at every turn.

Virginia has been the butt of late-nite comedy shows because GOP leaders tried to force women to have vaginal ultrasounds before an abortion. As it is women still have to have ukrasound thanks to The Cooch, McDonnell, and a host of GOP legislators!

Voters, Pease do not arm our VA Senate w/ more legislators who think they know better than women what is best for their health.

We should all learn as much as we can so we can vote in good conscience 😊

Susan Ahern

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Posted by Susan Ahern on 10/26/2015 at 6:31 PM

Re: “Richmond Is Now An Asthma Capital and Doctors Say Schools Are Part of the Problem

TANSTAAFL, Style Weekly has written stories about the horrfic plight of city schools!

How can anyone take a tour of city schools and not get that the crumbling infrastructure needs expensive repairs. That means more money in the budget?

Sturtevant was the ONLY member of the Richmond School Board who voted NOT to increase the budget. An increased budget would have also improved the teacher/pupil ratio--but Sturtevant's vote was no! Fits in w/ his small-government mentality.

Looking at Sturtevant's record it is clear he supports vouchers that would divert money from an already struggling city school system. And lots of people observe that vouchers are often used for religious schools, which means tax-payer money will be supporting religious institutions.

When you pull the lever to vote on Nov 3rd, remember how the city schools are struggling for funding!

Ask yourself if you want our state funded the same way.

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Posted by Susan Ahern on 10/22/2015 at 11:14 PM

Re: “Richmond Is Now An Asthma Capital and Doctors Say Schools Are Part of the Problem

Glen STURTEVANT running for District 10 Senate seat in VA is on the Richmond school board. He voted NOT to increase funding for city schools in the last budget. But look how desperately the dilapidated schools need funding.

Remember this at the polls come November 3rd.

Do you want our Commonwealth of Virginia run this way?

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Posted by Susan Ahern on 10/22/2015 at 11:23 AM

Re: “Friends Mourn Deaths of Activists, Guns in Tow

These white guys walk freely in a prosperous area with military-style weapons slung over their shoulders. But a 12-year-old black kid in Cleaveland, Ohio, Tamir Rice, got shot dead for open-carrying a toy gun in an Open-Carry state. The toy gun was in his waistband as Tamir sat on a swing. The cops arrived and in 2 seconds 2 shots were fired. Where was Tamir's liberty to Open Cary?

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Posted by Susan Ahern on 06/02/2015 at 10:12 PM

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