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Series complements Barksdale's theatrical contributions
Whether I misspoke or whether somehow it got recorded incorrectly is really unimportant (Theater, Dec. 7). I want to start by thanking D.L. Hintz for his intelligent, dedicated coverage of live theater in Richmond. As far as I am aware, the Richmond theater companies find him fair, bright and engaging. I know I do.

I need to correct a statement which, if taken out of context, sounds as if I slighted my favorite theater in town, Barksdale Theater. (Favorite theater next to our own Encore! Theatre, of course.)

I'm quoted as saying that Barksdale hasn't "done much in the way of educational outreach before this."

This simply is not correct.

What I intended to convey, of course, was that our proposed series of Shakespeare matinees at the Barksdale would complement a long-standing and irreplaceable contribution to the Richmond community made by its most adventurous, historically significant and continually fascinating theater, the Barksdale.
Grant Mudge
Artistic Director
Encore! Theatre

Roger de la Burde is not the story

First let me thank Style Weekly for highlighting High Road Productions' filming of "The Justice Project," which will feature Beverly Monroe's controversial 1992 murder conviction (Street Talk, Dec. 14).

Those of us who are familiar with Beverly Monroe's case and believe from all that we know that she was wrongfully convicted following the death of Roger de la Burde appreciate being kept abreast of any progress in her case.

However, I know I speak for many others when I say that your synopsis left the inaccurate impression that the attraction of recent media interest is to Mr. de la Burde and his death. To the contrary.

The focus for "The Justice Project" is Beverly Monroe and the questions and legitimate doubts surrounding her conviction.

It was only upon learning the facts of her case that High Road and others decided to get involved. This increasing public awareness of her case is the result of the unwavering devotion, hard work and personal sacrifice of Monroe's family and friends in telling the facts. I was very disappointed Style Weekly chose to continue the sensationalism around de la Burde's death vs. simply reporting the fact that " Justice Project" was in town to film a wrongful conviction piece.

Again, thank you for your coverage of this important story. I only wish that you had properly titled your piece, " TNT Reexamines Monroe Murder Conviction."
LaTonya Mallory

Adults skate, too
Thanks to Jessica Ronky Haddad for taking the time to write such a nice article about ice skating in Richmond (Cover story, Dec. 14). She obviously spent quite a bit of time at the rink, talking to skaters, parents, coaches and rink staff.

However, I would like to point out a facet of the story. Adults skate!

Most of us do pretty much everything the kids do — except we get to pay the bills too. And most of us work to pay for this addiction we call skating. We may not have the dreams of Olympic glory that some of the kids do, but we do have goals and dreams of our own.

My goal right now is to land an axel jump before I turn 45. (I have four years to achieve this goal.)

Again, thank you for writing such a nice article about ice skating. I appreciate Style's efforts to let the Richmond community know that skating is alive and well here.
Cindy Kinney

Well-received rant
I'm sure there will be much molar-grinding over Mariane Matera's rant (Back Page, Jan. 4). Well, good. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one in the world who wonders why every 6-year-old in America needs $120 Air Jordans.
Joe Nagy


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