Responses to Health Care Ruling 

A quick rundown of political responses to the Supreme Court's decision to uphold health care mandate.

10:42 a.m., June 28

Statement from George Allen on the Supreme Court's Health Care Ruling

"While disappointed in the Supreme Court's decision on President Obama's health care law, I believe it reinforces what is truly at stake during this pivotal election. This November the American people have an opportunity to choose new leadership in Washington who will listen to their voices and repeal this costly, harmful government health care law.

"My opponent believes this health care law is a 'great achievement,' but I believe it's an infringement on individual liberty and free enterprise. As I have traveled throughout Virginia, I have heard from families, small business owners and seniors seriously concerned about the harmful impact of this health care law and how it is increasing costs, discouraging businesses from hiring, and trespassing on religious freedom.

"I want to be the deciding vote to repeal this health care law. Virginians and Americans would be better served by reforms that deliver on the promise of reducing costs, increasing access to quality care, and put people - not government - in control of their health care. We need health care reforms that provide Americans with affordable, portable, and personal market-based health care solutions including Health Savings Accounts. I also support allowing small businesses to join together across State lines in larger risk pools for lower insurance costs and more competition and greater choice. And the States should be allowed the flexibility to manage Medicaid more smartly and efficiently.

"Virginia has proven that historic reforms can be achieved if leaders are willing to work together. As Governor, I worked with a Democrat-controlled legislature to pass major reforms including welfare reform, abolition of parole and Standards of Learning - now Washington needs the leadership and political will to achieve real health care reform."


10:52 a.m., June 28

Tim Kaine Statement on Affordable Care Act Ruling:

“The Affordable Care Act is an important first step in curbing discriminatory insurance company practices and increasing access to health care, but more needs to be done to bring down costs. Our government, businesses, and citizens cannot continue to spend more than any other nation on health care while getting second-rate results. As Senator, I am committed to working with all stakeholders to find additional improvements to the Affordable Care Act that give all Americans affordable access to high quality services.

“While there is more work to do, it is worth noting what has already been accomplished under the Affordable Care Act. Nearly 63,000 more young people in Virginia have health coverage, more than 800,000 Virginia seniors have received free preventive care, millions of small businesses are now eligible for tax credits, and twenty million American women have access to cancer screenings and contraception without co-pays. And we've put an end to the egregious abuses by insurance companies that denied coverage to children with preexisting conditions, charged women higher premiums for the same coverage, and dropped folks when they got sick.

“My opponent regularly calls for a full repeal of this law, despite the positive results it’s already delivering for Virginia. In the decade encompassing George Allen’s six years as a U.S. Senator, the average insurance premium for families more than doubled and over 12 million more Americans were uninsured. Clearly, inaction was not a solution, and neither are continued calls for repeal. Instead we must work together to strengthen this existing program and improve cost controls."


12:49 p.m., June 28

Senator McEachin Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Affordable Healthcare Act:

“Today, the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Healthcare Act, thereby ensuring Americans’ deserved access to quality healthcare. This law means that Americans cannot be turned away when they are sick or injured because of income or a prior existing condition. In our perilous economy, this Act helps young people get access to health care by allowing them to stay on their parents’ insurance plans to age 26. Insurance companies no longer can arbitrarily cancel coverage or raise premiums. Importantly, for Americans’ health and well-being, preventive care, like mammograms will be free.

“Contrary to the bombastic pronouncements of Attorney General Cuccinelli, the Affordable Healthcare Act is constitutional, deemed so in a decision written by a Republican Bush appointee. Now, I can only hope that the Attorney General and Governor McDonnell and their Republican colleagues in the General Assembly will stop dragging their feet, and get to work helping Virginians by creating the health exchange to assist uninsured Virginians in receiving access to quality, affordable healthcare. That’s what the law requires and they need to stop their partisan diatribes, follow the law and serve the Commonwealth.”


2:25 p.m., June 28

Gov. Bob McDonnell made the following statement on the Supreme Court decision on President Obama’s healthcare law:

“Today’s Supreme Court decision to uphold President Obama’s disastrous healthcare law is detrimental to the Virginia economy, our nation's prospects for economic recovery and the free-market system. Governor Romney has committed to repeal and replace Obamacare on day one of his administration, and that is why this election is so critical. It’s going to be a clear choice between President Obama’s big government takeover, accompanied by skyrocketing costs and tax increases, and Governor Romney’s faith in free markets and consumer choice. With Governor Romney’s leadership, we can replace Obamacare with healthcare solutions that put patients and doctors, not bureaucrats, in charge of healthcare in America and without sacrificing American jobs in the process.”


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