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"Pimps and Hos" Ad Offends

I have been a loyal reader of Style for many years. I especially enjoyed reading the article about Janine Bell [Cover story, Aug. 14]. Ms. Haddad should be commended for her journalism.

As I continued to read, I was appalled by a color advertisement on page 38 for a "Pimp and Ho Party." The advertisement graciously offers free admission to the party if you come dressed "like a pimp or ho." How could I turn down such an offer?

I am aware that Style Weekly is dependent on advertisement for its existence. However, for the sake of people in the community who believe that dressing up like a pimp or ho is no party, you should strive to be more selective and more positive. Sometimes saying "no" is the right thing to do.
Gary Baker

Thanks for the Beer Run

"Beer Run" [cover story, Aug. 7) was a great article and I believe a creative method of relaxation. Thank you for the conversation piece and for opening our minds to different experiences.
Toni Botha

Yes, Hashers Are Different

I joined the Richmond Hash House Harriers in November 1996. I had nothing else to do on Sundays and a friend told me what a good group of people they were. I went out and had fun on my "virgin" run. Yes, the people were a little different, sometimes a little crude. Not what you would expect in conservative Richmond, that is for sure. And that is what I liked. I liked the "different" part. But as I mentioned, the people were good.

Style's article did not mention how a couple who used to hash in New York visited Richmond to look for an apartment and one of our hashers let them stay at their house after just meeting them that night. It did not mention how a girl took off from work for three days to help drive another girl home to Idaho. It did not mention the time one hasher lost her job and another helped to find one. It didn't say how we collect toys during Christmas time and how hashers in the beach area adopt a highway and pick up trash.

Yes, the group is different and not for everyone. I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet many people here in Richmond. I have also enjoyed that I know I can go to Miami or London and know a friendly group of people will be there too. I am sure I will still be hashing for years to come.

"Jerry's Kid"
Former GM, Richmond Hash House Harriers

Politicians Miss on Gay Marriage

Upon reading "With This Ring" [July 31], I learned something: Neither candidate for lieutenant governor makes a rational or clear argument when debating the pros and cons of gay marriage.

Sadly, Mr. Kaine has started to flip-flop, a malady affecting politicians who try to please everyone all of the time. He also makes little sense when he says the sodomy laws shouldn't be removed because they're "irrelevant and unenforced in private situations." Well, to me those sound like pretty good reasons to repeal those laws and not keep them! I guess he's going to try to keep every irrelevant state law he can find if he's elected. That should keep him busy for a long time.

And I have a question for Mr. Katzen: He says "We recognize that homosexuality is a choice." Who is the "we" here? Is it Mr. Katzen? Not only is that statement outdated and ignorant, it has no bearing whatsoever on the question of gay marriage. Rather, it's pandering to extremists, which well-educated and compassionate Virginians have wisely learned to ignore.

What neither of these gentlemen mentioned (probably because doing so would invalidate their arguments) is that those hallowed sodomy laws affect the sexual behavior of both heterosexuals (single and married) as well as homosexuals. Once again, the double standard rules!

Neither man will get my vote this November.
Calvin Blake

Male Bonding, Indeed

I was startled but ultimately pleased by the following sentence in Maribeth Brewster's Aug. 21 review of "Captain Corelli's Mandolin": "Part of that ebb and flow of life is the courtship of Pelagia (Penélope Cruz), the daughter of the island's physician, Dr. Iannis (the remarkable John Hurt), and Mandras (Christian Bale), a fisherman."

Those Greeks! Any movie in which John Hurt and Christian Bale have produced a daughter together shoots right to the top of my must-see list!
Rob Harris

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