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Re: “Best Richmond Rock Band

I think everyone who doesn't understand why so many people are upset about this, need to understand what this says to the actual Richmond music scene.It says the best band in a city full of hardworking artists and musicians, who are striving to create their own sounds and their own original material and their own unique scene based around music and music alone, is a bar band that plays cover songs from the eighties and represents nothing about the scene that has been flourishing in this city for years now. I personally don't really put to much value in the results of best of list like this but in a city filled with amazing artists and bands that are actually making music that is innovative and groundbreaking to have a band that pretty much just rehashes music that is thirty years old who in no way is part of any aspect of the cities burgeoning creative culture, get crowned as the best is an insult to every single person who makes an effort to try something new and to create a culture for Richmond to call their own. I'm sure after a few rounds and a lot of nostalgia the Rock and roll cowboys are a good time and I'm sure they received the most votes from their fans but that doesn't mean in anyway that they represent anything that is actually going on in this city, or are in anyway the best rock band in richmond.

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Posted by Mr C on 05/23/2013 at 1:07 PM

Re: “Best Richmond Rock Band

I only want to know why Rosie Soul got robbed in the best hip hop, jazz, and drag performer categories

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Posted by Mr C on 05/22/2013 at 12:56 AM

Re: “Conflicted Confederacy: Lincoln, Davis and Lee’s Revenge

also as a side note I like how that you use the example of a man marrying a woman he OWNED and procreating with her, and the fact that he DIDN'T SELL HIS OWN CHILDREN INTO SLAVERY as proof of the good race relations in the south. What world do you live in man?

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Posted by Alex Criqui on 03/11/2012 at 12:52 AM

Re: “Conflicted Confederacy: Lincoln, Davis and Lee’s Revenge

Dear Liberty,
I am astounded that you could call anything about my civil discussion about the causes of the civil war, bigoted or hateful. In fact I think I used the word please multiple times and never once called confederate sympathizers racist or anything of the sort. In fact I'm sure I didn't cause I just read it again. Maybe you should do the same. You call me racist, I suppose that's because you assume I'm not white, because I suppose in your mind only a non white person could not support or understand the old south, however I am a white male, who is well educated on the history of the South, America and particularly the Civil War, who just happens to find your argument invalid. I believe the length and poor logic of your response as well as your failure to actually prove me wrong on any of my points as well as your final desperate attempt to slander me for having differing opinion and making completely unfounded allegations about my views on race prove the invalidity of your argument. you speak of the conflict starting because of " The power to control, politically and economically, the expansion of the nation. " and the inability of slave owners to expand freely into free states or as you say "The Southern states' economic interests were protected, except for the inability to share in expansion for those invested with slavery wishing to move or travel to free states." How in the world can you separate that issue from slavery, when the very institution is in the very sentence you wrote?! You basically just proved my point from my other post.
Have you heard of the Missouri Compromise? Do you not understand what interest or "investments" as you say of the southern Slave holders were being denied in the free states? I.e the right to own SLAVES? What about this is so hard for you to understand?

As for my statement about the flag, at no point did I condemn you for waving it, in fact I encourage you, I simply to ask you to try understand the very real historical, cultural, and societal contexts and implications about the flag that for many are negative, before you do so. Understand that even if you don't believe in white supremacy for many people when you wave that flag you are holding a symbol that represents a hundred year era of lynchings, murders, and Jim Crow legislation that denied human beings their basic rights at every turn. that is all that I ask is that you allow yourself to understand how that symbol affects many people and how it can be a hurtful symbol for many historically oppressed people. And your response to that is to call me a racist and a bigot? Because I asked you to consider how your actions affect others, I am a bigot and racist and full of hate? Remember Jesus and the golden rule?

I make no attempt to white wash the many problem with the north and its attitude towards blacks, immigrants and the poor. I acknowledge that the United states was a slave republic, until nearly the end of the Civil War, when the South's rebellion finally decided the issue probably the only way this nation could with the same blood and pain and horror that was exacted upon the land that it had exacted upon a whole race of human beings for 400 years of suffering that did not end with the war nor is its legacy completely gone from this land. All I ask is that you elevate your mind to understand how you affect others. I almost am afraid to ask this because for all I know you wish Hitler had won too, but do you think the Nazi flag is capable of being devoid of hate, or racial implications, or the historical context of oppression and suffering that it stood for? Or can you just wave it around and say "I'm just celebrating how Germany used to be (... you know with Hitler, and the master race and concentration camps, and a plan for world domination and genocide) nothing racist or hateful about that"

I am going to stop because I am sure that you are one of those people who will not ever give in to logic when it comes to this discussion, however if you are going to be so passionate about this subject please have something to say better than name calling and the distortion of my statements and of the facts to prove your point, which you didn't, in fact you actually further proved me right by skirting all the points I raised all together and being so ignorant of what I said that your very argument further validates my own.
Sorry man, nice try though.

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Posted by Alex Criqui on 03/11/2012 at 12:43 AM

Re: “Conflicted Confederacy: Lincoln, Davis and Lee’s Revenge

I can't believe that this is a debate in 2012. Pretending that the south was the innocent victim in the Civil War and Lincoln the war mad aggressor ignores in it's entirety that the "economic" states rights that the South left the union for was the "economic" states right to have slaves. There is no way of getting around it. The Sons of the confederacy and other groups can try to intellectualize the issue all they want but what they are actually are celebrating and lamenting the loss of is a SLAVE REPUBLIC that would rather see its own sons and fathers killed in bloody conflict than even entertain the possibility of not creating their wealth off of the forced labor of others. Confederate revisionist can try to ignore the whole 15 year period where the issue of slavery literally had senators beating each other bloody on the senate floor and the fields of Kansas were soaked in Americans blood over the issue, but I think if you actually look at the events, the right to have slavery and the institutions role in a free society is the central issue. When you wave the confederate flag you are waving a symbol of racial bigotry and of treason, if you can accept that than go ahead and do it, it's your right to and I support you, however please do not pretend that the central issue of the Civil War was not the states rights to own slaves and that there is no negative racial context to that flag. If you are uncomfortable with being associated with bigotry and racism, than maybe you should consider what celebrating the Confederacy actually means to not just African Americans but Americans of all ethnic backgrounds, which for many is seen, rightfully so, as a symbol of hateful racial arrogance and white supremacy because those where the ideals that flag was created under, that men died for, and that this nation was torn apart over. Also how can you celebrate being a REBEL and get mad about being called a TRAITOR? Also if you have any long term fore-sight you'd realize that the very existence of the CSA, even if Lincoln had let them secede, was going to lead to war with the USA eventually as both nations would expand westward and vie for territory conflict would inevitably emerge perhaps even greater in scale if enough time was allowed, so Lincoln had no choice, he saw the hand he was dealt and he saved the country by playing it the best he could and I think the world and humanity is better off for it. I support your free speech rights to celebrate the old south but be honest with yourselves about what the back bone of that society was, and what they were fighting over and for.

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Posted by Alex Criqui on 03/03/2012 at 2:39 PM

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