Zipper Remembered

I enjoyed your article "Requiem for a Scream" (Sept. 28). It brought back fond memories of my first ride on The Zipper.

It was 1970 at the Virginia State Fair. My new girlfriend and I decided to try out the relatively new ride. By ourselves at the fair, we had no friends to hold her pocketbook, so she took it with her on the ride. That was a mistake.

About 10 seconds into the ride, the pocketbook sprung open and we spent the rest of our time imitating astronauts, grabbing for lipsticks, compacts and brushes that seemingly floated around us in the cabin.

We were laughing too hard at the absurdity of the situation to be frightened by the ride's twists and turns.

That was our first and last ride on The Zipper. But now, 35 years later, my wife and I still smile when recalling the fun we had.

R. Davis

Arts Group CEO Defended

With regard to your article "Director: Arts Group CEO Should Resign" (Street Talk, Sept. 28), I was so excited to see "Anonymous" is out on the streets once again, protecting us from waste and corruption with his/her ever-present criticism. Thank goodness there are individuals in this world who are willing to step up and take on the responsibility of pointing out the mismanagement, ineffectiveness and general dislike of others, all the while protecting their own identity from anyone who might strike back.

In my opinion, the debate between the mayor and the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation is a healthy public exchange of information. I, for one, support the performing arts center and all foundation CEO Brad Armstrong has done to battle for its creation. If Mr. Wilder would like to look into its practices and relationship with the city, I have faith the result will be a stronger arts foundation.

Private donations may have been down, but perhaps Ms./Mr. Anonymous Board Member hasn't heard? There was some pretty bad weather in the last year — domestically and internationally — and some people needed some help, during which time Mr. Armstrong volunteered to reduce his salary by almost a third.

Sounds like sabotage to me!

Finally, I ask Ms./Mr. Anonymous one question since Mr. Bass did not: What exactly were these "missteps,"and who on earth do you believe could replace him to gain Mayor Wilder's approval?

Hang in there, Mr. Armstrong. The city needs you.

Anne C. Kennedy

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