In Taylor Behl Case, Issue of Drugs Irrelevant 

I am writing in response to the letter you printed from Stephen Bury regarding the prescribed drugs found in the body of Taylor Behl after her brutal murder by Ben Fawley (Letters, Sept. 10). Once again, someone with no actual knowledge of the facts in the case is attempting to make the victim responsible for her own death.

Mr. Bury seemed to find it more reprehensible that Ben Fawley took pictures of underage girls than that he killed Taylor Behl and left her body to decompose in a trash bag. Make no mistake about it, when a person deliberately suffocates or strangles another person, that is a murder. This was not some tragic accident. Taylor Behl was 17 years old and a man more than twice her age took advantage of her youth and inexperience.

Whatever prescription drugs Taylor Behl was taking had absolutely nothing to do with the facts of her murder. A lot of 17-year-olds think they are street smart and know how to handle any situation, only to find how terribly wrong they are. Can you imagine how excited Taylor must have been to be on her own, starting college at a large urban university, and thinking that she was absolutely adult enough to do anything she wanted? 

I don't presume to know the motives of the attorney who is handling the appeal (“Was It Really Murder?” Cover Story, Aug. 27), or even those of the doctor who has been pushing his theory of an accident. All I know about these men is what I was able to discern from their statements in your original article and the background information your reporter provided in that story. Ben Fawley was lucky enough to have two very good attorneys appointed to represent him in his trial. Christopher Collins and William Johnson are not legal hacks, but are in fact very good defense attorneys.

No one would deny a defendant's right to appeal or to try to get the best outcome, but why must it be done at the expense of the victim, who can no longer speak for herself. Someone needs to speak up for the victims. These are the important facts. Taylor Behl was murdered by Ben Fawley. He left her body in an area where he thought it wouldn't be found and just went on with his life, while Taylor Behl's mother frantically pleaded for anyone to help her find her missing child. That is what happened, and it was no accident.

Helen Robertson
Sandy Hook



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