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Hasher Says Thanks

Great article! ["Beer Run," Aug. 7] Thanks for the honest, fair and impartial approach (not making them look like a bunch of satanic child killers) to the sport/social world of hashing.

Dave "Dick Van Wrinkle" Dixon

Grand Master/ Fort Lee Hash House Harriers

Hashers Are Privileged Buffoons

I found your article about the Hashers a depressing commentary on how the entitled get their jollies. It's all harmless enough, I suppose, but I don't quite understand why you would consider such infantilism newsworthy in a publication usually marked by good taste and restraint. The reported comments of those privileged buffoons were offensive and startling in their coarseness. As a minority senior citizen who has spent most of his life in Richmond, the response that came to mind was that fine old term of Virginian approbation: tacky.

John Carroll

Johnson Doesn't Need Handouts

As many Richmond residents did, I read "City Lends Hand to Community Pride" with comedic interest [Street Talk, Aug. 7]. Let me just ask the obvious: Why am I, as a taxpayer, subsidizing the renovations of Community Pride stores?

Time after time I have read how well Johnny Johnson has done. More than once I hear what a success story this man is. And I'm happy for him and the people he helps.

But why should we bail out Johnson? It's his own fault the stores are falling apart. It's his own fault the stores are located where they are. Shouldn't he and he alone be held accountable for every aspect of his business? If he had any backbone he'd underwrite the deal himself, like most normal business owners.

And does anyone really believe that after this corporate renovation, Mr. Johnson is going to cut his already slim margins to pass on savings to his customers?

I guess in the end [Johnson's supporter] Sa'ad El-Amin will paint himself as the victim or, if he doesn't get his way, will turn this into a race issue. We will also see Johnny Johnson get his new stores and see his face all over the media bragging about all the money he just spent for the community.

Mr. Johnson, real business owners carry their own weight and are invisible. Just the fact that calls to you about this article were not returned has an odor to it. Good luck cashing your next city check.

J. St. George

Ugly, Uglier, Uglified

In Eugene Mills' "Point of View" regarding Dominion Resources' proposed rezoning on the riverfront [Back Page, Aug. 21], he used the word "uglification." Do we have a new bumper-sticker slogan? "Dominion uglification"!

William R. Smith

Animal-Group Leaders Differ Further

Your insightful article on the differences between the women who head the Richmond SPCA and Save Our Shelters (S.O.S.) ["Animal Instincts," Aug. 21], left out a major distinction. One receives the salary of a high-paid (for Richmond) CEO; the other is paid nothing.

While one organization is spending millions on posh quarters for some of Richmond's healthy, adoptable animals who are awaiting adoption, the other organization is willing to go into debt to ensure that pound animals throughout the state, including the unhealthy and unadoptable ones, end their lives under humane conditions when no homes can be found.

Whoever said money can't buy everything must have understood the economy of grassroots activism.

J.M. Knapp

The writer is the twin sister of Jeanne Bridgforth, the (unpaid) head of S.O.S.

Don't We Have Local Issues?

I was just wondering why you all picked up an article from some clown out in Washington state complaining about imperfect government agencies in the upper Northwest for your Back Page [July 17]. True, some of the points he stated are ridiculous, but don't we have ridiculous points to write about in Central Virginia? Why is a local weekly publication printing articles about complaints on the opposite end of the country? If Richmonders wanted that couldn't they subscribe to the Seattle Times?

I hope this wasn't published due to the lack of submissions by local writers. If so, let me know so I can submit an article to Style.

(By the way, I still enjoy the publication.)

Allen Williamson

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