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Fighting for his rights
John Lowery, thank you for your comments Letters, May 16. I find it difficult for you to be able to understand anything that I'm dealing with since we have never met, and your only source of information is an article that only gave a glimpse of what is happening to me and to other veterans who are having their rights violated Cover story, May 2. If you had read the article you would have realized that in my 37 years I have been dealing with the Veteran's Administration for 22 years. In that time, I have seen many injustices occur.

You stated in your letter, "Sean Church is not crazy. He is, however, a contumacious, egotistical jerk with an overblown sense of entitlement." Not to also sound arrogant, but what you just described are symptoms of manic-depression and if you knew anything about the disease, you would have understood this. You sound bitter towards me for being awarded for my service-connected disability.

Furthermore, the disease I suffer from is no more my fault than diabetes, epilepsy or the stigma attached to the narrow mindedness of some people.
Sean Church

More response to "Is This Man Crazy?"
I am really disappointed with the article on Sean Church. I think Style made him out to be some 37-year-old slacker who just feeds off the government like some leech Cover story, May 2. Sean is doing what any of us would love to do, and that is to enjoy life. He is the strongest individual that I have met in my life, and in the time that I have known him, he has helped me through my depression and has opened up my spiritual side, encouraging me to read and improve my mind.

Sure he may hang out at a coffee shop, but if you could see how many lives he has touched you would be surprised.

Concerning his lawsuit, all he wanted in the first place was a simple apology from the Veteran's Administration. But in this society, he's forced to get it the only way he can, through the court system. Sean is not like anyone I have ever met, he's got a big heart, and he has this way of bringing out the good in anybody he meets. So to answer your question, "Is This Man Crazy?" Well, if being a philanthropist is crazy, then he is psycho.
Mason Haymes

Chimborazo not such a bad place after sundown
I'm amazed and chagrined about the last sentence under the heading of Chimborazo Park in the best spots to watch sundown story Cover story, May 23. Style extols the virtues of being in the park at sundown and then says, "Then, run for the car and lock your door."

I have lived here for 27 years and have yet had to run for my car and lock the doors.

Style does Chimborazo Park, the historic district, Church Hill and the city a disservice with such cavalier statements.
John R. Dillehay

Required reading
The article by Lee Carleton should be required reading for all those who selectively use their religion, or their narrow interpretation of it, to justify their self-interest or whatever makes them feel good and pious, like Dr. Laura does Back Page, May 30.

As a social worker I have always felt sad about the people who are sufficiently troubled to call her and leave themselves open to her disdain and ridicule. I think her TV show is likely to be a flop because her meanness is so hard to watch.

I have found it hard to listen to as well, mostly because of my concern for those in conflict who turn to her for help.

They aren't getting what they need, and she uses them for entertainment value.

Thanks for printing the article.Mary Gay Hutcherson, LCSW

Dog fighting convictions made in Richmond
I am writing in response to an article that appeared in Style Weekly wherein you reported that no dog fighting convictions have been obtained in the city of Richmond Metro, May 16 and Letters, May 30. In fact, two individuals were convicted of felony dog fighting April 7 in the Circuit Court for the city of Richmond. The defendants, Gregory Griffen and James Battle, are to be sentenced by the court June 13.
William J. Dinkin
Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney

Editor's note: By presstime for the May 16 issue, the Commonwealth's Attorney's office had not confirmed any dog fighting convictions.

Clarification: Last week's Footlights stated that musical director Brian Lucas left the Barksdale's "Sweet Charity" two weeks before opening. Lucas says he was asked to leave the show by Barksdale staff and that he wouldn't have done so otherwise.


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