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Re: “Gun Control

Philip and Tench, ok, ill bite. Im not going to flog all 17 of these, but heres a half dozen that seem to make sense;
1. Close the gun show loophole and institute mandatory background checks on all gun purchases. Why this is an issue with the gun lobby is beyond me. If youre clean and law-abiding, whats the problem here?
2. Remove the ban on gun usage research and fund it sufficiently. Notice the careful wording here. I said gun usage, not gun control or gun violence. Theres a whole lot we dont still know about this, despite the NRAs position that theres nothing new here, please move along.
3. LOCK. THEM. UP. Another common sense solution that seems to drive everyone crazy. Adam Lanza, who shouldnt have been 10 miles from a gun, much less an automatic rifle, takes his mothers unlocked AR, pumps 4 rounds into her head before marching off to the elementary school and slaughtering 26, including 20 first grade kids. Really, you have a problem with locking up your weapons? And Id add that if your unlocked weapon is used in the commission of a crime, youre criminally liable.
4. Ban bump stocks. There isnt one redeeming, sensible reason for the existence of bump stocks. Not one. Plenty of evidence, though, that they allow for a whole lot of mayhem.
5. Mandatory police interview before purchase, after gun show sales have been eliminated. Id never heard of this before, but again this makes perfect sense. You dont want guns in the hands of the bad guys? Heres one way to put a dent in that. And we already have a model to copy, the state of New York.
6. Allow for the manufacture and sale of smart guns. Come on, guys, whats the problem with this one? I dont own a firearm, have no desire to, but if I did, Id want one that works only in my hands.
I get that each of these represents what you both fear is an incremental slide towards the slippery slope of total gun control.. Nonsense. Really. The fact is were reaching a tipping point where things are going to have to change. The NRAs rigid and uncompromising, and in my opinion, mis-interpretation of 2A is unsustainable. What comes through loud and clear is that there must no limitation on individual gun-owning rights coupled with absolutely no responsibility for insuring that gun carnage in this country be addressed. Well, thats just an opinion. 2A is no more sacred than any other amendment. Weve put limits on free speech, we can just as well interpret the Second to conform to modern technology while securing the right to bear and reducing the number of gun-related deaths and injury. Tench, you stated in your response, I quote, I am not at all against effective and sensible laws and regulations that actually would prevent criminals and mentally unfit people from gaining access to guns. Ok, what exactly are those? To quote the guy on TV who sells cars, dont tell me what you cant do, tell me what you can.

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Posted by Clark W Griswold Jr. on 08/01/2018 at 7:37 AM

Re: “Gun Control

How To Unhinge The Right Wing Gun Nuts, Part 1: publish an article such as the one above, stand back and watch their heads explode. So much for any rational discourse about a problem that is exclusive to America. And before you postWhat about ..... Im referring to the fact that there are almost as many guns floating around in the United States as there are people. No country even comes close. Second Amendment or no Second Amendment, anyone with a grain of sense in their head would recognize that as a serious problem. Seems to escape many of the commenters so far. So have at it, boys, rant, rave and disliketo your hearts content, but there will be a reckoning on this at some point in the future. With any luck, sooner rather than later.

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Posted by Clark W Griswold Jr. on 07/31/2018 at 7:13 PM

Re: “Zero Tolerance, Zero Sense

Americas voracious appetite for the drugs flowing out of Central America keeps the cartels, which are making life miserable for these people seeking asylum, in business. Our 40 year War on Drugs has proven to be about as successful as all the other wars weve gotten ourselves into lately, which is to say, not so much. The steady stream of people from countries plagued by corruption and violence are not the problem, they are the symptom of a broken relationship between the United Staes and Latin America, which has existed for decades. Dear Leaders solution to all of this? Why its an invasion of our country by the other, the ones who arent blonde and fair-skinned, the ones who are coming after your women, your jobs, your money and your majority status. Good god, this unwashed rabble if given half the chance would even vote for Democrats. Infestation is the word of the moment. Really? The only infestation here is in the minds of those who think like this. Dear Leader has been using the Constitution as toilet paper since 1.20.17, but when it comes to brown skinned folks risking their lives to find asylum in the good ole U S of A, the rule of law MUST be upheld. Zero tolerance, indeed.

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Posted by Clark W Griswold Jr. on 06/26/2018 at 4:41 PM

Re: “OPINION: We don’t need a new baseball stadium or new coliseum, but we do need public art

Meet the new bosses, same as the old bosses. We just got fooled again.

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Posted by Clark W Griswold Jr. on 05/02/2018 at 7:06 AM

Re: “Local High School Students Are Getting on Board with the National Gun Debate

Conservative columnist Bret Stephens has twice in the last 5 months called for repealing the Second Amendment. Hes right. With the NRAs twisted and perverted interpretation of it hanging over every discussion about what to do with guns in America, were getting nowhere in defining a national policy that ensures the safety of our society and allows for sensible ownership. The 2nd has become a giant drag on any rational discourse. For those of you whose blood pressure just went up 30 points after reading this, consider that a majority of Americans favor sensible legislation, but proposals have been blocked for decades by the gluttons who run the NRA. Theyve bought and paid for the people weve elected to represent us, the people we expect to craft the laws WE want. Theyre not interested in what we want, their focus is on selling more guns and making more money. The more money they make, the more representatives they put in their pockets. And its on the NRA that were awash in 300 million guns and that 18 year old mentally deranged kids can walk in and legally buy a military assault rifle. Its that simple. Repeal the Second, and the NRA in its current state withers and dies. And maybe we get some sensible gun laws that prevent the fuuture slaughtering of innocent schoolchildren in this country, once and for all.

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Posted by Clark W Griswold Jr. on 02/27/2018 at 7:31 PM

Re: “Men’s Bad Behavior Starts Young, When the Power to Disrespect Feels Like a Birthright

Well, seems like Ronald has it all figured out, doesnt he? So smart and what a hip, worldly dude, too. So impressive, any number of college girls have confessed their deepest fantasies to him. What a man we have here! Listen, boy, I dont know how old you you are, but you dont know jack-$ht. Your snotty, know it-it-all attitude and slimy insinuations that the author may have brought this on herself through her openness to engage and the come and get it music that was playing on her radio is Exhibit A of this article. Let me guess, Ill just bet youre a real fan of the Orange Baboon. You know, the one currently squatting in White House splendor. His degradation and coarsening of our societys norms and traditions sounds like its right up your alley. Heres hoping that whatever female companionship you manage to rustle up from time to time bears no fruit. With an attitude like yours, youre the last guy in Richmond who should lay claim to the title father.

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Posted by Clark W Griswold Jr. on 11/21/2017 at 6:33 PM

Re: “Gillespie and Northam: Confederate Monuments in Virginia Need Context

"You don't move history. You don't hide history." By all means, let's not hide history. Let's get it out there, all of it, warts and all. And that's the problem with Monument Avenue. There's enough hidden history behind the myth of the Glorious South that it portrays to sink a fleet of battleships. Wars are initiated usually for political and economic reasons. Those who venerate the Lost Cause conveniently overlook the economic necessity that compelled Confederate States to secede from the Union. In a word, slavery. The South was toast without its slaves. The political argument, "states' rights", was merely a cover for the economic reality,, but it's the political argument that Monument Avenue perpetuates. Not one word or mention of exactly what these men fought for; the so-called god-given right to own other human beings and do with them what they wished. To own other human beings as one would own a horse, or a herd of cattle, or an acre of land. To own other human beings to work as long, as hard as they were able was necessary to make a profit for their owners. To possess other human beings to sell as one would anything else one owned. To deny that these were even human beings with the same rights and privileges as any white citizen is at the core of what the South fought to preserve and maintain. And the glorification of that is what is highly disturbing to many of us. So, you don't want to hide history? You want to show it off with pride? Then show it all, every ugly, horrible reason for why Marse Robert and his band of brothers chose to take up arms. careful what you wish for, you just might not like what you eventually will see.

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Posted by Clark W Griswold Jr. on 10/03/2017 at 8:39 PM

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