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Re: “Theaters Ask for $1.75M Bailout

A quick of their 990 shows that they have over $2 million in endowment that generated over $200,000 in income last year. Couldn't that be put toward their tax bill? Looking at their board, I wonder if any of them takes their role seriously? Lawyers, CEOs, other business people who are certainly glad to put their membership on their resume and show off around the club but do they have any sense of their fiduciary responsibility? I guess the taxpayers of Richmond are just stupid trash in their minds. I've got an idea - give them the money and change the names of those theaters to City of Richmond Hard-working Taxpayer Playhouse.

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Posted by City taxpayer on 10/25/2014 at 11:00 PM

Re: “Theaters Ask for $1.75M Bailout

So, let me see if I have this right - Altria, Gottwald, and others have their names plastered all over these facilities and the taxpayers are on the hook for the vast majority of the bills? This is sickening. I agree - Style - publish the names of ALL who are "leading" these entities. And I demand as a taxpayer that EVERYTHING these people are doing be subject to FOIA. We are paying for it - we should not be kept in the dark on any of their dealings. You want the money - more money - then you let the sun shine in!!! If City Council is stupid enough to give these people another nickel, then hopefully they have enough sense to demand some answers, finally.

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Posted by City taxpayer on 10/25/2014 at 10:40 PM

Re: “What Happened to Eric Cantor?

Isn't it refreshing to have someone like Brat, who wasn't hand-picked by his predecessor or born into the right family, appear to be on his way to Congress? Eric Cantor's only qualification for office was that he was Tom Bliley's driver and as his suck-up, chosen to take "his" seat, like it was Bliley's to give away. Eric Cantor didn't care a bit about his district. Heck, I didn't know he was my Congressman until I started getting a daily piece of hate mail unfairly attacking Brat. He got rich as a Congressmen while serving himself and his ambitions. The guy was two hours from his home district and he was like a ghost - never seen. Gosh, let's see how long it takes for his wife to lose her premo appointments to boards, some of which paid hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Posted by City taxpayer on 06/10/2014 at 9:45 PM

Re: “The Ballpark Ballot

There is NO DOUBT that there is something very fishy going on with the Shockoe Bottom proposal. So much happening behind closed doors. The urgency to ram through the approvals but no urgency in telling the taxpayers the specifics of the deal - heck, forget specifics, really no info at all. Throwing a bone to Delores McQuinn by making some hollow promises about installing a slave museum. Personal attacks against Dan Gecker for trying to offer the taxpayers and the team an option that wouldn't cause the city taxpayers to lose their shirts.
Schools, Security, Safety, Transportation - THESE ARE THE PRIORITIES OF government. NOT building a baseball stadium for a AA San Francisco Giants baseball team. There is NO PROOF whatsoever that this boondoggle will generate any net income to the taxpayers and we will be incredibly lucky if we don't lose our shirts.

While King Mayor Jones and the Princes on City Council will be yucking it up with Parney (and Paul Hammond, Salamonsky, McFarlane, Berry, and the fest of his buddies) in the sky box, the schools will continue to leak. The roads will be continue to deteriorate like third-world country roads. and shootings will continue to be the norm. And the middle class will continue to flee the city for the counties and their shining school system.

We don't need a AA baseball stadium to save our city - we need real leadership to spend the money we have wisely for the greatest benefit to the greatest number of citizens. Who in the world wants to live in a city with schools that have to be the worst in the free world?

Let's get a competitive bidding process to get the private sector to build a ballpark on the boulevard.

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Posted by City taxpayer on 05/14/2014 at 7:05 PM

Re: “The New Guys

Personally, I am sick of hearing from Paul Hammond - and I don't even bother to read most of what he writes because it's the same thing over and over again. Who made you the official spokesperson and attack dog for the Loving RVA campaign for the Bottom? Seriously. The fact that you can't even consider reasonable arguments against the Shockoe Bottom Boondoggle just shows that you are no more than a shill for the developers. I appreciate Scott, FTRea, and S, whomever you are, for speaking truth to the misguided power structure in the town that is sticking the taxpayers of Richmond with a Pig in a Poke. We're taking notes and names and there is NO WAY that the money you Councilpersons are getting under the table will save your seats on Council. The opposition that is sick and tired of your lame, misguided, self-serving waste of taxpayer money is not going let this go unanswered. So make sure you're not just showboating - the three new guys - as WE ARE WATCHING you all!

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Posted by City taxpayer on 05/14/2014 at 6:50 PM

Re: “Ballpark or Bust

Jerel - I think you're the troll. There are FEW real leaders in Richmond who think that the Shockoe Bottom stadium is a good idea. FEW. Scott, FTRea, and the rest of you. I applaud your bravery. You are doing what so many of us can't.

The few loud persons who do think it's a good idea are spending all of their time trying to (1) scare off other options like that offered by Mr. Ukrop's group, (2) threaten nonprofit leaders in the preservation community to shut up or risk funding, and (3) getting their troll friends like you - the pawns - you won't benefit at all - to do their dirty work. Just like Jack Berry and Dwight Jones, you are attacking civic leaders who dare to speak out to power. Good for them. The rest of us can't risk getting attacked professionally by trolls like you and your ilk.

These persons have fed you and many others with their load of crap have their own motivations: (1) the Venture Richmond leaders are only interested in their own personal and professional benefit and bringing more power to their organization. What nonprofit leader makes a quarter of a million dollars (much of it from the taxpayers in direct payments and tax forgiveness) in a city like Richmond where the public schools have rats and collapsing ceilings? (2) the developers who will line their pockets with taxpayer money, laughing all the way to the bank and the property owners (including the Mayor's friends who bought adjoining properties before he announced his super secret plan), (3) the Mayor and other politicians who expect some of the profits for their own benefit or they're just on a sick ego trip that will crash and burn just like 6th Street in a decade or two, (4) the for- profit AA baseball team owners who were promised a stadium by whom? The people of Richmond? The Mayor didn't have that authority!!! If the Squirrels took that as fact, then they're pretty stupid.

I'll stand by Bobby Ukrop, Dan Gecker, and the developers at Rebkee any day against people like you, Dwight, Jack, Salamonsky, McFarlane, and White. Any day. And most of Richmond agrees with me. No decent person would want to stand on the same side of the street with Salamonsky.

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Posted by City taxpayer on 05/07/2014 at 8:47 PM

Re: “Ballpark or Bust

IF the ballpark was such a great financial investment, the privately-owned San Francisco Giants AA baseball team would be paying for it. It is NOT a good investment for the city, but if a private developer (Rebkee etc) wants to build one with associated retail, office, and apartments at their own risk, then I say hurray, let's play ball.

A AA baseball team is NOT an appropriate use of taxpayer funds. It is not a responsibility of government. Period. Schools, roads, police, fire, and the like ARE responsibilities of government and ours is failing us miserably. Our Mayor is failing us. Our City Council is failing us. And the taxpayer funded city cheerleaders are failing us. How awful and inappropriate that they have attacked a well-meaning businessman who has stepped in to offer a possible alternative to this sleazy backroom deal with Salamonsky, White, McFarlane, and the rest of these self-serving individuals.

I live in the city and I do not want my hard-earned tax dollars to go to this boondoggle in the Bottom. If the residents of the Bottom want it, then let them fund it and reap the rewards (which we all know will not come.). And no one should be complaining about highest and best use of the city owned property around the Boulevard when our mayor gave away Westhampton School to a Tennessee-based for-profit business that happens to have a nonprofit arm in Henrico County. And is the Redskins Practice Complex really the best use for that prime property? Since it sits vacant most of the year like this ballpark would, I would say absolutely NOT.

Shut up city "leaders" and let these private developers show us what they plan for the Boulevard. And show them a little respect while you're at it. The voters, contributors, and volunteers of this city are watching each and every one of you elected "leaders." Step up to the plate and do what is right for the taxpayers and children of Richmond - don't squander our tax dollars away on a AA baseball team and a sleazy backroom deal for your developer friends. We will find out the details and we will run you out of town, certainly out of office. Your legacy will be shameful.

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Posted by City taxpayer on 05/07/2014 at 6:10 PM

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