At Home With: Drew Liverman 

Stock footage librarian and artist

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It was originally opened as one huge loft. It's been all these weird things: It was a dance club at one point, it was a motorcycle chop shop and a hairdresser's [salon]. It's in the historical registry from the '20s or '30s.

Five people live here. Eric [Miller, a roommate] shot most of his [feature-length horror] movie here. We used the main room like a sound stage. We've shot music videos here. It's mainly used for printmaking and some sculpture and practicing music. A little woodworking goes on just to make things around the house — nothing too involved. We were toying with people soldering there [motions toward table] … for fixing electronics and making weird little instruments and stuff like that, little noisemakers.

We were kind of lazy this winter, so there's a lot of half-finished projects. We had all these grand plans for the roof, but then the landlord got pissed we were up there, so it got the kibosh put on it. The [music rehearsal] space was a pretty big project. We got all that Styrofoam at Diversity [Thrift]. They had this big sale of 4-by-8 sheets of Styrofoam, and we bought a ton of them and soundproofed it with that a little bit.

There's some problems. The toilet kicks up some gas. It's not unbearable. The place smells bad, but it seems like it could smell a lot worse than it does. Hardly anything was actually here at first. The shower was built by tenants. The sink wasn't there when we moved in; [there] wasn't a stove until last November, so Eric was cooking everything in the microwave. It's all kind of thrown up — it looks like it's made by a person in a hurry.

It's just cheap, basically. I think that's all of our concerns. I work at Silverman stock footage as a stock footage librarian, and I make posters and videos and T-shirts occasionally for local bands and events. We don't want to work real jobs that take 40 hours a week to do. I'd rather get by with my less-than-$200-a-month rent. HS



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