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Re: “Civil Rights Attorney Mentions Two Richmond Bands in News Conference Defending Comedian Kathy Griffin

Im not sure using GWAR as a benchmark in considering this as "overbaked"

Mostly a concert is by its very nature a situation where attendence is by one's own volition and in that a limited audience, as far as a GWAR show that audience attends already knowing what they'll see. Practically mutual consent in a way.

its clearly a reference being used as precedence in an effort to minimize and dismiss people who found it , well
i guess not so "old hat" as you imply.

If there were a precedence that was equal enough in mass distribution mass audience and mass communication,
Its use would have been suitable. Then again, of course if there had been that scale in a precedence,
then something like this wouldn't really cause a ripple.
I'm only saying this because in your effort to dismiss others critical of this photograph along with your attempt at minimizing the significance by telling us all that it's over baked --it actually minimizes this work itself.

unless of course by over baked you're meaning to convey that youre completely bored with it or you think it's boring.
then why write the article at all?
basically by being critical to people who you feel don't agree with your personal bias
you have ended up damaging The credibility of the very thing you're trying to defend

and your defense is to go after and attack the people who don't see it the way you do. Perhaps the point was to be dismisdive and minimizing to different views, perhaps this is style magazines media missiom. If thise are the intentions, then this a congratulatory comment. Becausr you dud the well.

Perhaps Style's media mission more proactive and give an explanation of why it shouldn't be attacked

one way is smug the other is smart

One Way can be seen as sociopathic the other as socially concerned

. One-way is almost predatory who sees the readership as something to be manipulated the other way sees the readership as somebody they like to share ideas and goals with and try to bring people together and look towards the future to a mutual understanding

One Way can be viewed as reprehensible

And the other way I have a dream to see one day.

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Posted by Anthony Albert Caprara on 06/04/2017 at 7:20 PM

Re: “Civil Rights Attorney Mentions Two Richmond Bands in News Conference Defending Comedian Kathy Griffin

this may cause discomfort, and for once its a pleasing thought

whats to be seen

The headline here,I champion Kathy Griffin %1000

I was astonished when I first saw this on my FB feed,
the dropped jaw and widened gaze thinking wow and mouthed the letters WTF?

It Would Have been better left Undone .

We the people
have been presented with a very significant artistic statement.
A desolated statement being that a lot of people aren't going to get that significance, perhaps even the mention of it as such will instigate anger and derision .

Of course it is extremely inappropriate
people in the Trump camp ( TrunpBots I have recently learned) say the portrait is offensive , and it is. It has crossed the line, and it did.

Thats the intentention, none hidden

Its likely a gauntlet has been thrown and battle lines drawn. Thier fevered loyalty to tow a party line will likely shut down and ignore what little may have been of any attempts at communicating and cooperating.

Of course it is beastly shock value
the resist Trump Camp (flying monkeys)
are reveling in that. An ecstatic rush of joy to actually see what every fibre of their being has desperately agonising for.
the bloody severed head of President Trump. A programmed belief that trump is evil man full of hate
(I hope the irony of this is not lost, but thats another essay )

The outrage and the ecstasy,

easy routes for an artistic statement to go. To also have a significant meaning it would need to possess a deep insight. If this gets lost or unnoticed in the dark and gloomy atmosphere of public opinion, better still.

What i see

Note the right arm s position suggesting a military salute tot the commander in chief

Note the blue blouse:
the matrons uniform in" the handmaid's tale " and of course the iconic dress of intern Lewinsky. Willing suplications.

Note the vacant shocked look on her face
that can go either way ,
Ms Griffin is the perpetrator . A way that, funny enough, both sides are in agreement with, not only because its seems obvious, it's what the want to see

She is Perseus presenting us with the head of Medusa', after vanquishing the horrible gorgon the flying monkeys thrill at the kill. Their heroine deserving the biggest ticket tape parade and fan fare

Perhaps a stunned Kathy\ Griffin covered in blood splatter was a last minute edit, if a thought at all, without that.
I see her not as the perpetrator, but upon entering she is met with the sight of the severed head, on the ground She pick it up and holds it out to the american public, like a mother would show a child after breaking something
'What have you done?

Im seeing version of Salome, the shocked look of realizing the ease of brutality required to carry out the task of beheading John the Baptist and is now presenting it to the king, in this
we the people are king,
and our court of public opinion demanded this off her.

Warped desires and misshaped views demanded this.

This is s portrait of Kathy Griffin holding up a mirror towards us
a still life of
the United States of America

Intentional or not,
it can be nothing else
Its brutal and void of any propriety

Not with standing, Here we have, at liberty, an honorable artist
(bravery and foolishness may be the mix, she's a court jester after all ) who has put her face on it. a real friend stabs you in the front and so does an opponent with conviction and honor

unlike the naked Trump statues which were alone artless in execution and design, for their purpose they didn't need to be
Funded by a mysterious unknown contributor where a mysterious unknown person was interviewed

nothing is more sociopathic than working in the background mysteriously to smear someone, and thar. being particularly beneficial to the DNC is no mystery.

I am disappointed in two things I really wish this was a collaborative effort between her and Trump, in somehow and in some way it should have been

2nd thing is I wish she had
pled the fifth, and not said a word
that would have moved into performance art
there would have been a sense mystery attached to whatever Legacy the portrait will have.

My full consideration,
this isn't about Trump
this is actually about a nation that has been victimized buy a sociopathic media, Wielding yellow press antics and in pusuit of generating a bias that has driven things out of control. The media statements require no great effort to present us a deep meaning, at all.

So easily pretty lies are accepted, the ugly truth ignored at best but now,
always to be battled.
An ugly truth born from a purposed deception. For the pursuit of happines, one simply needs to see it.

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Posted by Anthony Albert Caprara on 06/04/2017 at 2:26 PM

Re: “Civil Rights Attorney Mentions Two Richmond Bands in News Conference Defending Comedian Kathy Griffin

I couldnt possibly care less about ted nuggent and why i commenting isnt to defwnd him, its a byproduct of the shocking disregard for the readership.

Nugent never made that threat,
There was a mention which could be implied as a possibility of one of many other outcomes

Implicit and explicite are not the same and no where near overt

That is libelous journalism and meant to generate a bias, I wouldn't be surprised if a case was brought forward

Even if not it shows that there is little respect for your readers outside a sociopathic manoeuvre to manipulate

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Posted by Anthony Albert Caprara on 06/02/2017 at 8:29 PM

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