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Re: “New Signs, Same Heartbreak

From what dark night of the soul emerged New Signs, Same Heartbreak? Are we overdue in coining the phrase Confederacy Derangement Syndrome, perhaps? Is picking fights with the Daughters of the Confederacy the latest use of woke time? Truer heroism I have rarely seen.

The piece is badly written, to start with, and lacks any clear reason for being other than to virtue-signal, at length, and to rebut arguments no one has even made. It doesn't have a brain in its pretty little head. The writer, schooled in woke social media exchanges, sees history as nothing but an unambiguous record of oppression, making no allowance for the scope and nuance of human experience. I am not aware of any serious school of thought in the public sphere in America that holds that slavery was morally right or acceptable, yet SJWs decry slavery like it's on the cusp of being reinstated. For all of human history slavery was a global institution and only started being outlawed in the modern era in Western Christian nations, and the United States remains the only nation in all of human history to wage war against itself in order to free people enslaved within its own borders. This fact must be brought to bear on any serious consideration of the subject.

Hey, wanna hear a funny story? The Civil War is over. Sure, there are a handful cranks like the flaggers who sit in front of the Museum, but the difference between them and people like the author of New Signs, Same Heartbreak is that they represent a tiny non-representative minority and have no voice in the public sphere. The writer of New Signs, Same Heartbreak does have that voice, however, and seeks to waste space and time tilting at windmills again and again and again. To take umbrage at all residual signs of the defunct Confederacy within the former capital city of the Confederacy is beyond reactive its plain stupid.

We're being asked whether the name Arthur Ashe Blvd. and the Confederate murals in Battle Abbey can coexist. The question is stupid and a waste of breath. Have we gotten so dense we can't appreciate the poetic justice of their coexistence in the same space?

Oh yeah, and tennis courts are racist because white people like tennis. Okey dokey.

Also Columbus explored the globe for the sole purpose of personally committing genocidal murder. Just your daily reminder.

I'm almost surprised the allusion to the casino at Byrd Park didn't come with a built-in treatise against gambling.

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Posted by richmond lister on 07/09/2019 at 5:43 PM

Re: “Filmmaker Guy Maddin’s “The Green Fog” allows for subliminal dialogue in a re-imagining of Hitchcock’s “Vertigo”

The reviewer's claim that the titular green fog has 'no presence' in Hitchcock's film is baffling to me, since just such a fog visually saturates the atmosphere in Vertigo's beyond-famous 'kiss' scene. The green fog is bound up with the film's most iconic moment, the fulcrum on which the whole story turns, and has served as a point of critical attention for ages.

The part of the review where we hear all about 'cultural neuroses of male objectification, self-obsession, and sexual violation' is the de rigueur virtue-signal no critical response can do without these days. Is this how you pick up chicks now? I really need to get on the ball.

The characterization of the Jimmy Stewart character's relationship to the two women of Vertigo seems similarly skewed through the distortion field of contemporary political correctness. Indeed, far from manipulating Woman No. 1, Jimmy Stewart is manipulated by her, quite unambiguously, and his perversely obsessive control over the lifestyle and wardrobe selection of Woman No. 2 (not un-coincidentally the same woman, in fact, as Woman No.1), is the price she, No. 2, must pay on behalf of No. 1's machinations. It is also Hitchcock's confession of beautiful women's power over psychologically and sexually vulnerable men, not his vicarious fantasy-realization of the opposite.

As for the Maddin film, it sounds dreadful. The kind of thing where each episode has to be more 'interesting' than the last, to trick the viewer into paying attention.

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Posted by richmond lister on 03/12/2019 at 5:03 PM

Re: “What’s Next?

Fairfax's accuser is already considerably more credible than Christine Ford. She knows the technical specifics of the encounter, which Fairfax himself has acknowledged as true. She also brought her complaint forward when Fairfax first came to prominence, unlike Ford who waited until Kavanaugh was in the offing for SCOTUS. So no, Fairfax's accuser is not a GOP stooge. We know she and Fairfax indeed had an encounter, we know the time and place. It's certainly possible she's lying about being forced to do something she didn't want to do, but that boils down to her word against his. It defies all reason that anyone in good faith could bank of the words of Christine Ford as gospel truth (absent all evidence, specific info., and with the contrary testimony of multiple witnesses, all named by Ford) and simultaneously dismiss the claims against Fairfax as "a mess" "manufactured" by the Republicans. Republicans tricked Fairfax into sexually engaging this woman at a DNC conference? They must be some kind of magicians.

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Posted by richmond lister on 02/05/2019 at 4:04 PM

Re: “Lessons Learned: One year later in Charlottesville, protesters and police take center stage

No constitutional provision for the keeping and baring of bats, alas. Nobody was shot at Charlottesville, I don't think. Remarkable, considering all the "gun nuts" that were there. It's certainly no fun that people got hurt, but again, what other outcome did they envision? It makes perfect sense to blame "the victim" when "the victim" has acted foolishly.

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Posted by richmond lister on 08/22/2018 at 1:29 AM

Re: “Lessons Learned: One year later in Charlottesville, protesters and police take center stage

As I wrote in 'Style' back in Sept. of last year, when you align yourself with any armed group whose intention and purpose is to engage in conflict against another armed group, you surrender any expectation of personal safety, and claims of Antifa victimhood at Charlottesville are sentimental and delusional. White nationalists are idiots, and, by some cosmic law of attraction, wherever idiots gather they're sure to draw equal but opposite idiots. In the case of Charlottesville, these came armed with clubs, mace, baseball bats, bug spray for blinding people, and Plexiglas riot shields. They started mobbing a car with a driver behind the wheel, he floored it, and blink and you miss it Antifa become human speed bumps. You have to wonder what other outcome they were hoping for. Now we're trying to blame the police for the consequences of the counter-protesters' own foolishness.

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Posted by richmond lister on 08/15/2018 at 11:22 AM

Re: “A List of Possible Interview Questions for Stormy Daniels

13. And all those damning photos of Trump whose release was imminent six months ago... when do we get to see those?

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Posted by richmond lister on 08/15/2018 at 11:06 AM

Re: “A List of Possible Interview Questions for Stormy Daniels

12. How old were you when your father molested you, planting the seed of psychological damage that put you on the path to the porn industry?

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Posted by richmond lister on 08/15/2018 at 11:04 AM

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