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Re: “INTERVIEW: Jazz saxophonist Branford Marsalis talks about focusing on emotion

Skimmed the article. Did I miss it? Probably not. But raw emotion is what Branford's known for. Real raw. As in his happening on the scene after Johnny Carson to get the job with Johnny's successor, Jay Leno. And left in a hissy fit. Forget that "family" and "time with daughter" that made the media. Branford's temperament suggests he doesn't play well with others. As in "The job of musical director I found out later was just to kiss the a-- of the host, and I aint no a--kisser, said Marsalis, one of the worlds premier saxophonists, said in Wednesdays Indianapolis Star and News. And if that wasn't enough, "Then it became, `Oh, hes surly. He hates his boss, Marsalis said. Did he? "Oh, I despised him, Marsalis said. But we all loved Jay and not that dog who replaced him. As far as we're all concerned, the only Jimmy out there is "a short crowbar used by a burglar to force open a window or door." An you don't, you never, "fall on" it.

Posted by 1Ronald on 02/14/2019 at 3:52 PM

Re: “The Road to Richmond

Not a few out there will claim Exit 78. The Boulevard. Always been The Boulevard. Ever since anyone can remember. And still will be. Regardless of whomever's name gets attached to accommodate or otherwise appease those always asking for more. Always. And where will we continue to meet? The Boulevard. Still the Boulevard. Can't change that.
Whether it's Stadium, BBQ, or badly missing Foreign Car Workshop who made the most foolish move in the history of Richmond. So if you have a car, a real car like a Ferrari, you must traipse into the wilds of hinterland as they bide their time before it's all over. But then there's, if you keep going, CVS. And memories of Bill's. Oh, gawd. Did I say The Boulevard? Yes, I did. The Boulevard. Nothing to cry over. Just a travel zone to get to where you're going. The Boulevard of Dreams. Not Broken, as in James Dean, but Dreams. Dreams of food. Dreams of wanting to get my car fixed. Dreams of good BBQ. Yum.

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Posted by 1Ronald on 02/14/2019 at 3:31 PM

Re: “Richmond Catholic diocese publishes list of 42 clergy with "credible" abuse allegations

This stuff keeps coming non-stop. Like a wave from the ocean. And like the ocean, we have a choice to frequent such places or abstain. And unlike the ocean, you don't see any bikinis there. Which could stop this stuff and these people dead in their tracks. But no, girls, don't waste your beauty and splendor on them. Back to the ocean. With salt air and sun that heals. Like the rest of us. But the fright-mongers don't want you to know the sun heals. Big time.

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Posted by 1Ronald on 02/14/2019 at 3:18 PM

Re: “Mark Herring, who's second in line for Virginia governor, admits dressing in blackface at college party

With Tommy the latest to join "the club," what does this tell you? The media is searching like a wild eyed dog for the next one. Will it be you? Does anyone care? Maybe we can establish or otherwise erect a "Wailing Wall" down at the State Capitol for those who have nothing better to do but moan and groan over this. Mark was at UVA. They do this stuff there. Although that ever present never flinching Larry Sabato has gone overboard with his "I favor automatic expulsion for any student engaging in this disgraceful conduct. The only thing disgraceful is those using others caught in the spotlight for their own political gain. Until they too get caught. Remember it was Tommy who called for Ralph to step down. Now, he's in it with the rest of them. For those of you who saw VP's front page today there's (Portsmouth Del.) Louise Lucas hanging her head (for the camera) leaning up against a car. Dressed green for next month's St Patty's day. Was this really necessary Virginian Pilot? I mean it is what it is. And was WAAAAAY back then. And as we all know, boys will be boys. Time to allow Virginia's Leaders to Lead. And stop the yellow journalism.

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Posted by 1Ronald on 02/07/2019 at 4:43 PM

Re: “What’s Next?

As you've discovered when you click on this you get the Home article. So to get this you click on the Home article. So persistence wins at the end of the day. So why are all the women up in the photo and at the demos fat and ugly? It's not our fault ladies. And above anything else we need to hear from Vanessa Tyson. The other half of this debacle. Her story. Then let us decide which tale and whom to believe. Fair and square. But things in politics are not, are never, fair and square. As we've seen by those within Ralph's own Party now willing, no, eager, to eat their own. Losers. Every one of them. Look at them. No shame. No conscience. It's lions ravishing their own in the den of inequity. What's the Problem? Has the Democratic Party become too inclusive? Too willing to pander to the wimpiest whine that sifts through the air? All this is replete with "ME" and to heck with anyone of us who really needs us in a time of trouble. "We don't care" about you. "We only care about ourselves and our political careers." Teetering on the brink of disaster. Because I can promise you with the Commonwealth that if Justin gets in--I will guarantee you a Republican Governor in 2021. Has Northern Virginia lost ALL of their marbles? No one gets vetted and Ralph Northam is NOT the one who needs or should have been vetted. Any school survivor knows what fellow students in charge of the school yearbook do to their classmates behind their backs on their pages under their photos, etc. And you don't discover this until after the book is printed and made available. And who buys these things nowadays anyway? You go out into your chosen field and make your mark there. And that stuff you leave behind is easily forgotten. Those without substance will break a neck to dig up dirt on you anyway they can. How you handle it is a mark of character. And letting it ride out, letting the dust settle, is the mark of a leader. Then continue to do the superlative business you've done all along. And along the way keep notes. Real good notes. With names. Of those who tried to destroy you. For their own benefit.

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Posted by 1Ronald on 02/05/2019 at 3:33 PM

Re: “Red for Ed

For a moment there I thought it was a convergence of The Red Hat Society. Nothing wrong with red, the color red, and there's a lot of it there in the photo. In fact it was Bertrand Russell who said he'd rather be red than dead. And it certainly takes away the color phobia that many have inhaled as streets and highways are now clogged with NO COLOR cars driven by NO COLOR personalities behind the mask of NO COLOR drivers. Nothing to rattle those sensitive brains of today. Even bicycles are now sporting that dull dark drab battle ship grey quietly asking others "Please don't notice me; I don't deserve your attention." And after another wave of Donnie's rabid anti-abortion mania we're glad there are no (red) MAGA hats in the photo. Which makes us all the more appreciate Virginia's governor Ralph Northam. But, then again, that's why he was elected. Love that red. In fact there's a physician who wrote a book that I have on color as medicine. Wouldn't know it if you stepped outside and looked down our streets, though. To those who drive a darker shade of pale. Reminding us of Mazzy Star's Fade Into You. Please, don't.

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Posted by 1Ronald on 01/31/2019 at 3:22 PM

Re: “A Pizzapalooza crawl confirms our gluten-friendly pizza scene is on the rise

We're forever bombarded with "gluten free" as if merchandisers forget we don't all have celiac disease and only those who do need (or want) "gluten free." For the rest of us give us the real deal. With plenty of sauce. And cheese.

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Posted by 1Ronald on 01/16/2019 at 3:18 PM

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