Heritage of Fools

Confederate President Jefferson Davis, when explaining to a Northern visitor that slavery was not the cause of Southern secession, said: "We recognize the Negro as God and God's Book and God's Laws, in nature, tell us to recognize him — our inferior, fitted expressly for servitude. ... You cannot transform the Negro into anything one-10th as useful or as good as what slavery enables him to be."

The Sons of Confederate Veterans asked Chesterfield County for a heritage day to honor the deeds of men such as President Davis. ("Look Away," Back Page, May 1) At least the county saw fit to begin its celebration on April Fool's Day — the best possible time!

Ken Fleet

Honk If You Know Robin

At Orchard House School, we take dance classes from Robin Arthur, the same person who directed and choreographed Theatre IV's production of "Honk!" I was very pleased with your review of the show (Theater, May 1), but you made an enormous mistake: Ms. Robin Arthur is not a he and most definitely is a she! I'm not sure if Ms. Arthur saw your article (although I suppose that she has), but I think she deserves an apology for the embarrassing blunder your reviewer made.

Alex Dimitri

(Yes, I'm a girl too!)

Late Nights Don't Help

I enjoyed your music issue (May 8) and thought it did a good job of explaining the city's rich, yet somewhat frustrating, music scene. I feel another reason for the lack of audience support is the fact most club shows start at or after 10 p.m., even during the week. When three bands play, the headlining act usually does not begin until 1 in the morning. A limited number of people can sustain this kind of lifestyle night after night.

Recently I drove to D.C. to see Death Cab for Cutie and Dismemberment Plan at the 9:30 Club. The show started after 8 and I left before midnight as the last of three bands was finishing its set. Even with the two-hour drive back, I returned to Richmond by the time some bands would have just started playing.

I am not saying starting shows earlier in the evening will suddenly bring people to clubs, but it might help.

Ceci Hull

Historic Richmond Does a Lot

In a recent letter (Letters, May 8), Historic Richmond Foundation was singled out as being responsible, in part, for the loss of historic architecture in Richmond. One simple illustration will dismiss that ill-informed statement. Within blocks of the state-owned 8th Street Office Building, HRF's Monumental Church (a National Historic Landmark), Old City Hall, Theatre Row and, in particular, the National Theatre, represent just a few examples of HRF's commitment to demolition prevention, adaptive re-use, restoration and preservation.

Would HRF like to do more? Sure. However, like most nonprofit organizations HRF must focus its limited human and fiscal resources. All who feel strongly about preserving architectural character and understand its value to our community should also appreciate the magnitude of the challenges. Many more successes are possible if you join and support.

Donald L. Charles

Executive Director

Historic Richmond Foundation

Artists Get Short Shrift

I am disappointed in Style's coverage of the visual arts in Richmond. An art reviewer can work for several hours on an article and think no more about it. A professional artist can work for years to produce paintings for a show, which may be reviewed in a few paragraphs.

A recent example of this was the single review of two separate shows at the Reynolds Gallery (Art, May 1). Isabel Bigelow and Joan Elliott are both accomplished artists and Style's meshed-together review did not do justice to either of their exhibits. It would have been better to do two smaller reviews that focused on each artist rather than create an artificial connection between their unrelated works.

Charlie Harper


In the May 15 dining section we misidentified the owner of Galaxy Bistro as Raul Cantu. While Cantu was a co-owner when the restaurant opened as Galaxy Diner, he was no longer involved by the time it closed. Style regrets the error.



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