Richmond Restaurant Week

This fall's participating restaurants are revealed.

Richmond Restaurant Week — an event so nice, we have it twice. The fall round of special prix fixe dinners begins Oct. 19 and wraps up on Oct. 25. The event benefits FeedMore and as in the spring, organizers have continued to double down. The three-course meals will cost $29.15 per person, with $4 going to the charity — twice the amount than in years past.

There aren’t quite as many restaurants participating this fall — Estilo, the Magpie, Mezzanine and Tastebuds American Bistro have closed and three others, Metro Grill, My Noodle and Bar, and Strawberry Street Café, have dropped out.

Follow this link for the complete list of restaurants and start strategizing to maximize the number of places you can hit during the week.


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