Pocahontas Reframed “Storytellers” Film Festival Postponed

Virtual mini-festival of shorts to take its place, Nov. 20-22.

The organizers of the Pocahontas Reframed Storytellers Film Festival have postponed this year’s festival due to the pandemic until Nov. 19-21, 2021. They also announced a new partnership with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for the 2021 fest.

“We are, however, excited about the opportunities ahead, to include a virtual mini-festival to be held on the November 2020 dates of the original festival,” they said in an email.

This year’s festival, Nov. 20-22, will include virtual screenings of four short films: “Tsenacommacah,” by Federico Cuatlacuatl and Ethan Brown; “Pauline,” by Shelley Niro; “Little Chief,” by Erica Tremblay; “Dig it if you Can,” by Kyle Bell.

To learn more information about the virtual festival, check with their website.


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