PICK: Mikaela Davis with Deau Eyes at the Get Tight Lounge, Saturday, March 4

It might be easy to miss the somewhat under-the-radar return of rock harpist and singer Mikaela Davis, who plays the Get Tight Lounge on Saturday night. There is a lot competing for your attention this weekend, including the big First Friday showcase at Gallery 5, and a Marcus Tenney/Tennishu set with the Butcher Brown rhythm section at Tang and Biscuit, not to mention a weekend-opening set from archetypal RVA band No BS Brass, also at the Get Tight (For more, see our “stuff to do” feature).

But Davis, a 30-year-old Rochester, NY native who has shared the stage with everyone from the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir to Bon Iver to preeminent jazz bassist Christian McBride, should not get lost in the shuffle.

While capable of creating sheets of glistening beauty, the harp is an unlikely rock instrument. It is massive, played sitting down, and played by plucking pre-tuned strings. The classically trained Davis is both an innovative player and a fine songwriter, but the inherent delicacy in the sound requires sympathetic accompaniment. Her longtime band, Southern Star, supports her adeptly, with a conventional guitar/bass/drum rhythm section and a flowing pedal steel that complements her fluid runs of individual notes. They do not sound like anyone else.

Richmond favorite Deau Eyes, with a full band that includes Devonne Harris on drums and Charles Owens on saxophone and keys, opens.

Mikaela Davis and Deau Eyes play the Get Tight Lounge on Saturday, March 4 at 8pm. General Admission tickets are $18.19 at https://www.gettightrva.com/events


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