Piano Club Review Was “Over the Top”

Usually we don’t respond to food reviews because we know they are only the opinion of the writer, and more often than not, we disagree with them. No different than movie reviews.

Your review of the Piano Club (“Ivory Merchant,” Food & Drink, March 14) could not be further from the truth. The review appears to be a personal attack or that of a disgruntled ex-employee. Your egregious review was over-the-top. One was left to believe that women of a certain age — gray-haired crowd, piano-music enjoyers — are just too old and demented to enjoy good food, great ambience, professional staff and an owner who is one of the most accommodating we have had the pleasure to meet in Richmond.

We have been regulars since November, and we have never been disappointed with the food or service. Since your review, we have been three times, and I assure you that we will continue to be regulars there but no longer readers of Style.

Thirty-five dollars for a petite surf and turf is a bargain. Other steakhouses are priced $70-plus and no better on quality or service. The TV is enjoyed by guests for many different events, and all of Richmond’s finer restaurants have TVs at the bar for the pleasure of their guests.

Ms. Fox, marinate in this! Your review obviously exposed more than your maliciousness, and the Fox News comment exposed your politics. That being of the far- left-wing Rosie O’Donnell Club.

You thought the waiter was loquacious. How did I do?

B.J. Adams


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