Person You Want as Richmond’s Next Mayor

Taylor Steele

Second Place: Mayor Dwight Jones

Third Place: Anyone else (but Mayor Jones, etc.)

A real estate agent for the last decade, Taylor Steele knows what Richmond needs: a little attitude adjustment, Steele-style. “It’s probably the thing that we’ve needed to fix since I’ve been alive — not be afraid, not run from progress,” says Steele, 46. “We need to talk about what we are going to do and make things better. And not cry about the way things used to be.” Steele majored in social work in college and loves to train at the gym. So he’s the total package — compassionate (social worker), intimately familiar with city neighborhoods (real estate agent) and buff (did we mention the gym?) If he were mayor, he’d have the solution to fix Richmond’s problems: “Get out there and ask people who are getting things done,” he says. “Go to them and find out what they are doing to succeed and how can the city piggy back on that and really get it going, really snowball it.” As for the other two winners? Let’s just say it’s election season.


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