Patricia B. Lancaster

Race: Chesterfield County School Board

Age: “A true lady never tells her age.” Let’s say that I am gently seasoned.

Family: I have a daughter and son both in their early twenties.

Profession: 2006 Retired Educator/Administrator

Virginia State University — B.S., Fine Arts Education K-12 and University of Virginia – Master of Education, Secondary School Administration

Where do you live?
I am a resident of the Clover Hill District – Stonemill Phase II of Chesterfield, Virginia.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in the heard of Church Hill in the City of Richmond.

Why are you running as an independent?
School board members are non-partisan positions and must be able to garner the support of both Democratic and Republication voters, who are both stockholders and clients of public education.

Why aren’t you running as a Democrat or Republican?
The election of Country School Board is required by law to be non-partisan. It would against candidacy requirements for this local office to run as a Democrat or Republican.

What are your signature policies or campaign issues?
It is imperative that the School Boar and governing bodies of Chesterfield County begin to look like the population that it serves. It is a new day, diversity is a necessary inclusion. As a retired education and administrator and having served in several school divisions for 24 years, I will bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and experiences regarding the dynamics of schools at very level. Realizing the complexity of a school board member’s responsibilities and the fact that they are obligated to uphold the state laws, I have no signature policies. But, I am passionate about this business and know that I can make a difference. As a school board member, I will represent the Clover Hill District’s diverse population, encourage parental & community involvement and support, advocate for all students, resolve important issues and find amicable solutions to concerns. I will be visible, proactive, professional, knowledgeable, accountable, responsible, committed, approachable, and an active listener. I will be sensitive & supportive to the needs of the employees of the school divisions and I will endorse and support the core values of the division as I team with the others members of the school board for the purpose of operating an outstanding and fiduciary school division.

I fully embrace the goals of the ‘Design for Excellence’ and the implications for attaining each of them with the challenges attached. Appropriate staffing is needed for growth and special needs. Updated and progressive instruction, special emphasis and programs are needed at all levels if we are to insure that out clients can meet the demands of our fast paced competitive & global society. We must assure our clients and garner support for safer schools with optimum learning environments. We must have highly qualified and competent workforces at every level with competitive compensation, opportunities for professional development & growth, and insist on a clear definition of professional decorum and attributes. And, finally, we must engage in collaboration with communities both business and faith to prepare our young people for independence, the workforce, citizenship, and survival. We must articulate and demonstrate the importance of living healthy productive lives with a conscious and purpose.

Which political party do you more closely identify with?
This is not an appropriate question for this position.

How do you differ most from them?
This is not an appropriate question for this position.

What changes would bring you into the Democratic or Republican fold?
This is not an appropriate question for this position.

How did you arrive at your political convictions?
This is not an appropriate question for this position.

Are you running to win, or running to bring attention to certain issues?
I am definitely running to win this campaign. Change is necessary. Positive change is even better. I consider myself to be a role model for all young women, a mentor for young men, and a good will ambassador for all people. Leadership, parenting, professionalism, youth development is of particular interest to me. It is my belief that schools are the hope and guiding force for the future. We the people are, therefore, obligated to effectively make available all reasonable opportunities and every possible resource to educate all children at optimal levels so that they can become productive citizens, live healthy lives, and ultimately improve the conditions of our communities and humanity.

Who is your political hero?
This is not an appropriate question for this position.

Is it wrong to steal office supplies?
Of course it is. It is wrong to steal anything.

What kind of car do you drive?
I drive the ‘2003 Car of the Year’ — Nissan Altima, the car that shifts into performance no matter what the road conditions.


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