Pat McGee Band at the Hat Factory

Pat McGee Band's latest album, “These Days (The Virginia Sessions),” is the first record since the relentlessly touring bandleader's 1995 debut, “From the Wood,” to be solely credited to the Richmond native. But the resulting tracks are hardly the result of a singular effort. With every member of the band featured on the album and credited as co-producers, you could speculate that this one-time alteration is the group paying a small but meaningful tribute to drummer Chris Williams, who died in 2006.

Typically identified for lovelorn lyrics and earnest acoustic rock hooks, McGee's latest batch of material clearly has a tone of lament, providing the well-mannered singer and songwriter with a weight that had largely been  nonexistent in works previous. With songs such as “Come Back Home” and “End of October,” McGee performs at the Hat Factory on Thursday, Oct. 15, at 8 p.m., $15-$18. 788-4281.


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