“Night of the Living Dead” at the Byrd Theatre

Arguably one of the greatest cult series to come out of television, “Mystery Science Theater 3000” made bad movies worth watching over and over again. With an ad hoc excuse of a plot (a mad scientist forces a man and his robot sidekicks to live in a space station to watch really awful films in order to drive them insane) the show's peanut-gallery comedy set the standard for wisecracking commentary against cinematic disasters. Lovingly influenced by its merited laughs is the Richmond FilmRoast. Typically its brand of laugh-inducing riffs can be found at Shockoe's Bottoms Up Pizza, but the comedy troupe is scheduled to a make a special appearance at the Byrd Theatre on Friday, Oct. 15, to mock the cult classic “Night of the Living Dead.” Raising money for the Byrd Theatre Foundation, this screening begins at midnight. $5. View information at filmroasters.com or byrdtheatre.com.   — Mike Hilleary


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