Most Permanent Displays of Civic Pride

We asked folks to submit some of their proudest, homegrown tattoos. (And by the way, the Valentine Richmond History Center’s “Ink: The Tattoo Archive Project” wants to take photos of your tattoos inked by Richmond artists, for a photo exhibit in October. Call 649-0711, ext. 322, or email

Kristopher Barnes

Photo: Kristopher Barnes

Artist: Jesse Vardaro at Lucky 13 Tattoo

Robbie Villalpando

Photo: David Villalpando

Artist: Dustin Davis

Stephen Lecky

Photo: Stephen Lecky

Artist: Matt Brotka at Salvation Tattoo Gallery

Liz Dooley

Photo: Liz Dooley

Artist: Justin Wheeler


Kelly Hardy aka Jewel of Denial

Photo: Don Spiro

Artist: Chris Breksa at Alchemy Tattoo, Los Angeles


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