Most Enjoyable Way to Get Indigestion

The Flatliner

One 3-pound sandwich, made with:

– An 8-ounce burger
– Cheese
– A portion of barbecue
– More cheese
– A portion of brisket
– More cheese
– A portion of London broil
– More cheese
– A portion of pork tenderloin
– Five strips of bacon
– Beer-battered onion rings
– Halligan sauce
– Served on a 10-inch Weiman’s Bakery bun
– (With a pound of fries, slaw and a homemade pickle)

Price: $22.95 (Or free, if you eat it by yourself in 25 minutes)

Available at: The Halligan Bar and Grill, 3 N. 17th St., 447-7981


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